First review of the new Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket by

Review of the new, unique 2015/16 Yonex Duora 10 Badminton racket with box-shaped face for power on forehand smashes, aerodynamic face for fast backhand drives.–free-yonex-towel


Kenny Kenny says:

what string and what tension

Tom Lau says:

Imense smashes!

Vanguard Duel says:

Do you think the racket can take 30 tension?

Hotstoppable Fishy Man Boss says:

Can you please upload a very very thorough comparison between the DUora 10, The Z force 2, and the arcsaber 11? Its so hard to find a good comparison, and I feel you are reliable to do one. Can you review the sharpness and downward smash (how easy to do so), the defense, the control, and do as thorough as possible? Thanks this will help me so much because I am tournament player and I am looking for the best out of these, I just need your review for help. Thanks again and hope you read and upload the video (ps, i don’t mind if its lengthy, thats what I need!:)) Oh and I subbed and liked this vid. Thank you Thank you so much.

micoel Caine says:

Which one is better duora 10 or nanoray z speed?pls help!

a kris says:

Guy in orange shirt was jumping quite high.. Nice review

Alexander Cortez says:

I agree with what he said about twisting the racket. I kinda developed that habit of twisting so I guess I’m gonna have to teach myself to hold it steady if I’m to take advantage of the technology of this racket. My only issue so far.

I Tomi says:

This is japanese quality

kennthii1 says:

could i ask you some question? im a beginner in badminton. i dont know the different in string .like BG80 Power SP and BG80 SP , BG65Ti SP and BG65 SP.

chaitanya kumar Samardhi says:

Your tester been rotating the racquet while use. So I don’t think he Has been using it like how it should be.

bob by says:

how much this racquet?and what type of string that used?and lbs?

deeks says:

how can you remeber witch side of the racket you’re using in a rally?

Borindo Optima Restu says:

what string the orange guy use?

Memestreamer Inc. says:

That guy in orange literally manhandled his smashes haha

Tao Lim says:

Can u do a review of the new Yonex Voltric LD Force?PLS

CARL WongTW says:

I just bought this, 2nd version in blue. Just in time for an upcoming doubles tournament. Our national Hero Lee Chong Wei’s racquet, an honor to use this !!

Peter Trần says:

perfect like wei nan smashes

Wong kah heng says:

The guy in orange shirt looks fussy.

CoreX Hunters - ianwong says:

wtf green side is for backhand not for forehand

For Fun says:

This is a nice racket. Worth the money.

Hard Vendetta says:

That was some badass smash!!!

Rendel Gamutan says:

Hi, how much tension (lb) is he using in the racket and what is the maximum of the racket?

upy0ur5 says:

This guy in orange definitely got one hell of a smash.

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