Review: Yonex Duora Z-STRIKE Badminton Racket by

Review of the new Yonex Duora Z-Strike. A look at the cosmetics and comments on how the racket plays.


RJS98 says:

What was the string tension and string used? It sounds awesome

Parthiban R says:

I play mostly using plastic shuttle MV350 can you tell me which racket is best for plastic shuttle. I understand Duroa Z is only good for feather and has lots of control and can only be used as a smash. We always play doubles. Appreciate your response

Joel Herdian says:

people are complaining about the paint job is it that bad in real life?

むじんくん says:

I watch this video for study English

SportGuy 7 says:

Hi there,
Is the Yonex Duora z strike completely different to the Duora 10 because a lot of people said that the Duora 10 backhand and forehand side felt very similar and didn’t feel different and very hard to tell?

What string were you using in this video for the Duora z strike?

Gabriel Quintos says:

what is the tension?

sohail Shaikh says:

Sir prine

M. St. says:

Didnt knew PV Sihndu also used one of those. Always learning i guess…

Eli Nathan says:

Thank you very much

rakesh viswanathan says:

Is this better than dora 10 Lcw???

sohail Shaikh says:

sir plz tell me weight

michael kianto says:

what do you think about this racket in doubles match? is it ok? or just ok for single match?

sorry for my bad english

RJS98 says:

I was at a Livelighter tournament yesterday and I saw this there!! Very nice. The 10 in stock was sold in 5 minutes! The player using this won the Men’s singles open! I wonder why 😉

Neil Angelo Camba says:

is this faster than the nanoray z speed?

Nihal Bondugula says:

Thank you very much for the review it helped me.make a decision for getting myself a racket!

岩原凌 says:

I’m japanese. your movie was very profitable.
I have a question, What strings are you use?

Anunay Gandhi says:

What string did you use?

Syaffiq Affendy says:

Is the racket suitable for doubles?

Voltric Speed says:

Gimme one… Then I will give a like.

Adi Purwandana says:

hello, did the duora you use in 4:42 is strung using the factory string default? and what kind of string is it and what tension is it?

Haroldino XIX says:

the racket looks bent

wonbo says:

can you tell me which racket`s frame is thinner by looking at the side between voltric z force and z strike?

Swanky says:

I’d really appreciate if one of you g’s could check out my 1st vid i just need some genral feedback on how and what went wrong and what went well,

Amazing Shuttler says:

what is the max tension ( in lbs)

Movies State says:

which strings did u use?

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