Super Light Head Heavy Racket? – VOLTRIC FB Review (Yonex 2018)

Official Yonex Voltric FB Reivew 2018
Strings: Ashaway Zymax 66 Fire at 30lbs originally
Model: 5U G5
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nikunj anand says:

Plz review the li ning n90ii racket…

Uvuvwevwe Wazakalaksuaoapsulopopo Osas kruk says:

nice background 😀

ExpiredPears says:

You should do a video like: voltric z force 2 (after two years of playing with it). Put some gameplay so we can see how much you’ve improved since the vz2 review

Sarmad Saeed says:

superb video bro

JasonMC123 says:

Omg ken i knew that your arm would still hurt but i never knew you could play using your Left hand and it looks like your really use on being a lefties

awadh warrior says:

nice it like to break rakettle

Tarkit Strike says:

To be honest i totally agree with you .. I like this racquet much….but the problem is with its frame, i dont know why yonex would go as down as 73 grams , i have that 73 gram, green one and only thing i know, its fast, like pretty fast

Jeff Chen says:

SP – South Pacific

Craxy 31 says:

Voltric 70 etune review please !!!

Lucus Zha says:

You should do a victor thruster f review

Hugomao88 says:

if there is an e tune of this racket wiould be for me. since you said it dosnt have enough power at times. maybe its that you havent smash as hard as you can

고구마 says:

top 5 badminton racket pleaseeee

Phuong nguyen quang says:

Please review the astrox 88d, thank you so much!!!

_NoZoMi_ 0kuHaRa says:

..Long Time Wait For Astrox 88 Dominate..

karan verma says:

How r you it’s a long time I seen you in courtBro PLZZZZZZ make dura 10 updated review your response to the dura 10 is little bit negative so I am confused PLZZZ do a updated review of the dura 10 thank you

BL4Z3 7890 says:

Oh yeah is good is it right?

Lance Lunizo says:

I personally just go straight to 30 tension even if it just says that it can only go up to 24. My racket hasn’t broken yet, so yeah.

JasonMC123 says:

The duora 10lt review

love badminton says:

Voltric fb is stup

Reden Earl Nadayao says:

Hello Ken! another awesome racket review. and an honest one. lol.. keep it up! love watching your videos and reviews! and also the quality of you new upload is evident. more vibrant colors and higher quality videos. I also like your idea of making a video explaining different yonex racket technology system indepth. that would be awesome and very informative! Also i want to request if you could please review the Victor Thruster F badminton racket? it’s been recieving good reviews from other channels and forums but i’m quite skeptical about it, that’s why i want to see you review it because you’re honest. lol.. they say it is 20% more powerful than other rackets.. i think it’s a gimmick.

simon rogalski says:

Who has ordered online from and what is your experience?

Antoine Dawnson says:

no power in the racket? maybe your smashes aren’t hard enough

劉玟杰 says:


Cupcake says:

Yey! You’re back!!! Glad your okay now!

Kevin Yu says:

From my experience, I had two Voltric FB 5U, and they have a very weak frame. I broke both of them within 4 months. One broke due to clashing racquets with my partner, and the other due to smashing. The racquet was very light and maneuverable, but lacks a lot of power and mass in the head. In my opinion, it felt a lot more of an even balanced racquet rather than a head heavy racquet.

StormTDgaming says:

Hey since lt328 is you’re sponser, can you get a coupon code from them? Because im about to buy the astrox 88d from them and i would love to have a discount

Kyle Mitchell says:

On direct badminton it’s a lot cheaper than 185 pounds

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