This Racket looks AMAZING! Kawasaki King K8 Badminton Racket Review

Review of the Kawasaki King K8 badminton racket. Is it better than the competition?
Kawasaki Badminton:
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Here’s my review of the Kawasaki King K8 badminton racket. It’s nice to see more competition in the badminton rackets industry. Yonex rackets have a reputation as being the best, but this racket by Kawasaki is looking to challenge their throne. Remember more choices is always better for the consumer!


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Noreen Lee says:

There are also 5U and 6U… 4U is the heaviest and 6U is the lightest

anant gupta says:

Plzz do some giveaway

Purvil Gorasia says:

Could not find it in India. Any suggestions?

Lothi says:

That’s amazing.

Yasmien Folens says:

Thank you for this video! I was wondering if this racket was something for me! Now I know 🙂

Abir Islam says:

800 hundreds give me

Breaker Animate's says:

Why do you love Kawasaki but Yonex, Victor And Li Ning is better than those Kawasaki

Lamka Sports says:

This is damn cool

Olivier Lachance says:

Really like your video

E E says:

Nice dropshots


Really informative and cool review. Really enjoyed it.

Anand Chaurasia says:

Hey ur videos r nice. Pls can u look forward to making a video on some tips on better placement and control of the shuttle

ZoVance says:

what’s the title of the music on the intro??

Hieu Nguyen says:

will you get astrox 99??? it suits you !

The Badman says:

i just bought this raquet some days ago. i think it will be a good one for my double play-style 🙂 i just don’t like the paintjob but it’s a detail

Till B says:

how did i not find this channel all these years…

Satyam Dashora says:

Yes to the stringing video. And this review was surprisingly really REALLY derailed. I like the way you covered both the pros and cons. Just some time ago I had to buy a budget racquet and was trying some YouTube reviews, they just didn’t help at all. But this format is really connecting with me. Keep up the good work

Sunchit Raj Nand says:

Hey I need a racket will you please help me

Tahir Majeed says:

Hy there i am from Pakistan
We use plastic shuttles and we play outdoors any suggestions for the rackets.

William Susanto says:

Very nice review! Your opinions are well presented in this video. I would like to see longer footage of the racquet in use, but anyways good job!

RGBLighting says:

whats the song in the beginning?

Naman says:

yonex 8000 plus vs 7000Ex which one to buy

Rojak Lin says:

Nice review! The price is a bit steep though.

Oh yeah Yeah says:

Here in the Philippines Yonex,blacknight,&Nassau are Kings and others are inferior to some

Vitor Simões says:

Could you do a vid about the best cheap rackets (max 75€/ 80$)

William Brøndum says:

would love the reviews

Health Guide says:

Man how do you manage to get a acrhsaber z slash

Anunay Gandhi says:

What tension did you use?

Billy Lo says:

Does it come with the stencil?

Heera Lal Panwar says:

Price ??

David Joshua Hernandez says:

About how much is the tool you string the racket with? And what is it called?

ABC XYZ says:

Dud ur vids are swift

Chitranshu says:

Kitne ka hai

ddbb3322 says:

You can still get 2u racquets

Clemente Gallo says:

Great unbiased review. The only thing I would like to see more of is actual play footage with audio so we can hear the racquet. It might seem pretty but it would be nice.

Rudy Gunawan says:

you should have more racket review videos

Paranat Prapasanobol says:

Have you ever heard of adidas racket? My coach said it is very good

rezim rezky says:

Painting ur strings? Old style buddy….

harman muddur says:

sir, i am not able to get the smash harder free e-book,i have checked the junk and the spam folder. How can i get it??

K2o says:

Hey, nice vids, do you normally play at SSP? We see Huaiwen often when she coaches @ spectrum 🙂 Keep up the great work on tactics and training!

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