Top 10 Best Badminton Rackets to Buy In 2017

With there being such an abundance of products on the market, selecting the right racket for you can be extremely difficult. That’s why we compiled the best badminton racket reviews to help you decide. We tested the rackets by allowing professionals and beginners to give us their thoughts on all the best selling rackets in the market. We compared the results to compile this buying guide for the year of 2017.Badminton doesn’t require a lot of equipment, but having a high-quality racket is a must. The badminton racket is really your best ally when it comes to playing well.
In this article we will be considering only the best high end costly rackets which the top professional players are using. Most of the rackets featured here costs around 200-250$. Based on your playing style, defensive or aggressive, you may like a racket better than the other in this list.
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Potato says:

I just bought the arc saber 11

Losid 7777 says:

Best Rackets on what basis??? Expense or winnings or tests or whims??? Nonsense.

Anuj Mithbavkar says:

which music is this….plzz tell

Teguh Suryadi says:

The irony is that Lin Dan isn’t using VTZ LD lol

jerryisawesomesauce says:

what about duora z strike, it is like the duora 10 but an upgrade with newer technologies

: AriCat17 : says:

Is yonex muscle power a good racket

boris uzelac says:

Axelsen is using yonex duora z strike, not arcsaber 11…

Panji Satria Wicaksana says:

1:47 Yonex logo on Victor Jetspeed 10’s review?

Drugs Gaming says:

just bought yonex nanoray speed


Where is duora z strike

Crazy Gamer 2004 says:

what about yonex nanoray 7

Drugs Gaming says:

thx m8

Elitedevil says:

Music is gay.

Amar Khalid says:

is duora 10 The no.1 racket for 2017?


Just bought yonex arcsbaer nano speed fiberlifgt

Yunfei Chen says:

i feel like that nano ray z speed and voltaic z force 2 are underanked. They should be ranked higher.

innovation center clash and pokemon says:

lcw uses duora 10 only not voltric z speed 2


I bought yonex duora 10 lcw limited edition

Redoan Ap says:

i think my favorite racket would be duora 10 LCW…i just started using it nd its just awesome 🙂

Farhan Bz says:

yonex is no 1

Azuar 777 says:

sarua keneh iyeh nunpenting mah raket

unpesky1 says:

lin dan force picture is wrong, thats the zf2 lin dan version in the pic 🙂

Lewis Ang says:

Did u just take this info from sticksmash?


I feel nanoray z-speed is top no. One and for handling this racket alsoanyone needs high skills

azmil syarifuddin says:

nice video

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