Top 5 Badminton Racket 2019

Mizuno Jpx Limited Edition –

Fz Forza Light Series –

Lining Windstorm 72 –

Lining n 99 –

Yonex Astrox 99 –

With there being such an abundance of products on the market, selecting the right racket for you can be extremely difficult. That’s why we compiled the best badminton racket reviews to help you decide. We tested the rackets by allowing professionals and beginners to give us their thoughts on all the best selling rackets in the market. We compared the results to compile this buying guide for the year of 2017.Badminton doesn’t require a lot of equipment, but having a high-quality racket is a must. The badminton racket is really your best ally when it comes to playing well.
In this article we will be considering only the best high end costly rackets which the top professional players are using. Most of the rackets featured here costs around 200-250$. Based on your playing style, defensive or aggressive, you may like a racket better than the other in this list.


rama suresh says:

i have li-ning it is the best lol

Wayne lei says:

looks like an advertorial to me 🙂

Muhammad Haleem says:

I need badminton racket.?

manju tiwari says:

Nice video

Fatur_bxz # says:

Mizuno is the best racket

Ho-yin Tang says:

Never knew Mizuno had such a nice racket, i disagree on the astrox 99 though because players believe the astrox 88D has a way more powerfull punch then the astrox 99

Watch poison cobra’s review on the astrox 88D and astrox 99

ソロのネクロマンサー says:

Erase Loud BGM

Chitranshu Kamade says:

Bro price ke saath pl z

Aruna Phatale says:

My arc saber and voltric 50 etune are the best

Bena Ralte says:

Astrox 99 is good… But not in doubles matches

Lief L says:

Hello me you tuber , I bought a windstorm 72 at January 2018 and the astrox 99 is racket that produced in world championships dates. All your 5 racket are all old damn!!!

Mohammad nahid says:

What about the prices

Umer Asadullah says:

sir jpx ki price kia ha

Hamza Gill says:

astrox 99 ki price kya ha

popcorn param says:

Did u guys shoot the 5 and 6 th spot commercial .cause it looks like an amateur made a videos of it

numan sordar says:


Carl Maru Granada says:

Too Expensive!

dory pramuka says:


無名 says:


Bryan Setyawan says:

Why didnt you put astrox 88s and 88d

Wonghuailing says:

Yay another vid thx

안타레스 says:

JPX 리미트드 최고!!!

Luis Sanchez says:

ur intro is too loud but great video

Shanti Vishnoi says:

I have Victor Taiwan racket Arrow power 6800

Smita Choudhari says:

can you include duora rackets

Juliana 1954 says:

2019..Like..Nice Racket

Pradhitya Bayu says:

Astrox 88 D / S , the best choice

•Dipmatic ຸZ• says:

top 5 weapons to use when theres someone outside the door

Clearly Not Fifi says:

Astrox 99 is alright

Chris Phan says:

Forza are the noobes racket that I ever seen

Wise Lee says:

in my mind,the yonex vtzf2 still the best…lol

周煜 says:

no have lining 3D caliber 900!

Ian Archie B. FRANCISCO says:

Voltric LD Force still the OG one

Parvej Ahmed says:

Whos racket better,Graphite or Fiber or Carbon….

Logan Georgel says:

Do you will can show the price on your features video

Amar Khalid says:

Oh yeah !! I have the Astrox 99

Eric Chen says:

Just got the Astrox 99 amazing racquet! Just a little expensive

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