Top 6 Badminton Rackets

Top 5 (6 if you count the joint position as two) Badminton Rackets for Singles/Doubles 2018
Reviews for these rackets are on my channel, also comment below what your top 5 badminton rackets are
Please remember this is an opinion based video, my top 5 may be different to yours
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Ernest Rafael Alberio says:

Bro, question. Does your racquet have scratches caused by impacts?

purplemaroonstar says:

what raquets would you recommend for beginner?

Jash Guttula says:

Do ur daily routine

Sarath Sankarc says:

Hi brother, your videos are awesome, love from India.
I’m an intermediate player using votric 1 and looking for an upgrade, please suggest me some rackets under 80$ and I mostly play with plastic shuttle.

kaizo ph says:

Can you give me some racket pls if you like you agree…pls

Crashie-Kun says:

Please do Ultimate Comparison between Voltric Z Force 2 and Astrox 99!

egg yolk says:

Is it better to have 2-3 same model rackets for a game or 2-3 different models

Simply Dolreign says:

Hi Ken!!! I’m new to your channel, i am @_.simply.dolreign._ in Instagram

Famemoon says:

More like top 6 “YONEX” badminton should broaden your brands if you want your channel expand more..but only if you have the budget tho..Li-Ning and Victor is a good start

Techi Kumar says:

Carry on.

Cheuk Hin Woo says:

Hello Ken. These questions may not be that related to the best badminton racquet but I am curious about how you take care of your racquets that you won’t be using for a while and how would you store them.Another question I would hope that you will give some insights on is the use of big racquet bags/tournament bags , cause in where I from , it seems that these bags are not very popular and usually people will only bring a cloth case for their badminton gear .Thx and keep up the good work on your videos !

Issac Yong says:

For older racket do a comparison video of VZF2 vs Duora Z Strike vs Nanoray Z Speed (all compact head)

For newer racket do on Duora 8XP vs Astrox 88D vs Nanoray Glanz( concentrate on racket suits for doubles and singles)

Mr Summer says:

Anyone here? Which Racket is better for both single and double between Yonex Duora10 vs Yonex Voltric z force II??

Vishesh Verma says:

Can u do a review for the eclipsion z shoes

Marwan Abulibdeh says:

weird question but is it good or healthy to have 2 different types of rackets (even balanced) (head heavy ) or should i stick with one type will this mess up my timing or other things
because sometimes i like to play with the head heavy one and other times i like to play with the even balanced one thank you

Amirul Abdul Rafiq Rozila says:

Can you review more Victor rackets?

rahim miah says:

So how much would the 88D roughlywould be? if it was to be delivered to London from Lung tung. Obviously you bought it unless they given it for free!!!

Suhan Miah says:

How much is arcsaber 11 im from uk.

offbadoffbad says:

Ugly ass stencil on the duozs LOL

Marcus Yeo 21 says:

Go, go, jia you!!

Chris Jh says:

Can you give me Voltric LD force?

jahidk123 says:

Can you tell LT328 shipping cost to the UK?

Miguel Roxas says:

Do a review on the arcsaber z slash

Mathis Laberge Lefebvre says:

Are u shure that lung tang is 100% genuine because the prices are ridiculously low

nidhish more says:

I like nanoray z speed and nanoray glanz

Aiomksiar Syiemlieh says:

If I was him i would by an aleinware

Tonity Gt says:

Poison Cobra. If im an intemidiate, and I would like a raquet which is less than $300, and a single racquet, what would it be?

DxrkWolferix says:

Can you make a list of rackets for each skill level?

Wilson Gunawan says:

You should make flexible newbie racket review 🙂

Brian Wei says:

2:55 Astrox 90, Astrox 77
4:10 Duora 10
5:53 Duora Z Strike
6:53 Astrox 88S
8:27 Astrox 88D

Thank Me Later

Nicholas Tan says:

Can you do a video on type of strings and string tension you prefer to use?

Anthony Seow says:

Can you review Astrox FB please?

Raza Mulyana says:

You deserve more subs

hari haren says:

Then voltric z froce 2

Sachal Butt says:

Please giveaway me one racket

dj103301103 says:

Hey the Site you gave here ( is it genuine to buy rackets form there and what about the warrenty for the racket , i am planning to AX 88 S what weight do you recommend

Anthuvan Dharmaraj says:

Can you do the Astrox 99 vs Astrox 88D?

boby satrianto says:

agree, for 88d is better choices than 88s. i have both with 3ug5 also.

ABC XYZ says:

Grip + Hybrid string video……

Mudit Bhardwaj says:

Do a vedio on how to maintain your kitbag

Paul Jefferson Zafra says:

Please review Astrox 69 and 38 s and d

αηÐяєι 2nd says:

Can you buy from lt328 and get shipped in Philippines? Does it have free shipping or seperate?


Why don’t you buy some new badminton rackets like lining windstorm 72,lining n9, n90, n99 etc

Kai Wey Chin says:

Why only yonex racket ? How about lining, mizuno, victor ?

Dozy says:

Time to copy strike

bbrowe408 says:

Did you see the new movie about Lee chong wei!?!?!?! Its called “Rise of a legend lee”

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