Victor Jetspeed 10 Badminton Racket Review
To compliment my written review on my website (please see link above), here is my quick video overview of the Victor Jetspeed 10 Badminton racket.
Please remember that my reviews are based on my opinion – “Your style, technique, badminton experience, physique, and muscular structure are different to mine and anyone else for that matter.
Therefore, how you feel a racket will also be different to me and every other player. This means nobody can accurately advise you which racket to use.”
Whenever possible, please demo a racket before you buy.


Niel DB says:

Hey Paul, nice review.
Are there any similarities between the JS10 and the Forza Titanium 11 000 S? Did you test the fz forza?

tr1cksh00ter says:

Paul thanks for the review. I was wondering between this and the Yonex Duora 10. Any suggestions? I currently have the Yonex Nanoray 100 and i love it but im looking for something a bit faster defensively and stronger for smash ( i know right). I play doubles, thanks!!!

Nasrun Ramly says:

i just buy my new JS10,in malaysia we got 3U G5 version,acording to this racket spec,it can restring to 28lb max(taiwan origin MY code),my question is can i restring up tu 30lb,thank you coah

Zeeshan Azeem says:

hello paul
can u compare voltric z force 2 with victor js10 for singles?
which one seems better

Nasrun Ramly says:

hello coach…how much tension that u use on ur JS10,10Q..

Luke Matthew Kyle L says:

Hi Paul! Which brand is better in quality, durability, power and control? Victor or Yonex? I’m planning on sticking on only one brand which means I’m only going to buy rackets, bags and shoes from one of these brands. My coach instructed us to choose only one brand that suits ourselves. And I’m looking for a racket brand that has everything a player needs, power, control, good defense and fast on the court. Hope you reply! :))

SoJuDaMaN says:

how does this racket compare to Victor MX 60?

cheng sheng Loh says:

hi, coach. if compare it with yonex voltric 80 e-tune, which one do you prefer? does it has any difference with these two racquets? by the way i am using a 4UG5 voltric 80etune. thanks! 🙂

Richard Ling says:

Hi Paul, thanks a great review. Just wondering if you have any comments on 5u for this racquet? I prefer lighter rackets and i know how lighter racquets normally lose more power especially for clears. Any info on the 5u would be great

Justin Lloyd says:

Hi Paul, how would you compare this racket with the Bravesword 12 of the same brand? Which one is more suitable for doubles, especially for men’s doubles? Thanks!!!!

willie domingo says:

Thank you sir Paul for the great review. I also read your review in your website many times.

I used 4u5g zf2 LD in doubles before but i have a difficulty with the zf2 when it comes to fast exchange of shuttle. I considered myself as an intermediate player where I can return smashes and move around the court. I can do smash too but not that so strong smash.

I have another racket, Dunlop Aerogel 8300 GT Drive, maybe you are not familiar with this racket but I can perform better in the court with this racket compare to 4u5g zf2. Specs written in the shaft of the dunlop racket i, weight: 83gms BP: 295mm and its a flexible racket.

I ordered 4U5G JS10 in Malaysia today and maybe the racket will arrive here in the Philippines next week. Based on your review of this racket, it seems like it suits my game style and it almost have the specs with my dunlop racket except for the flexibility attributes.

Thank you.


miss melodyz says:

hi paul.. is this racket gives faster response in defend compared to nanoray900? thanks

Appexs Dol says:

just want to say thank…

upy0ur5 says:

Hi Paul,

So you say the Jetspeed S10 is powerful. Even for a 4U? I wonder how it fares against my MX90 or Bravesword LHI. Im sure its much faster. What is your take on this comparison?


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