Victor Jetspeed 12 vs Jetspeed 10 Badminton Rackets

Victor has recently released the Jetspeed 12 Badminton Racket. I was fortunate enough to have access to both the JS10 & JS12 at the same time, so I have recorded a simple comparison.
A full written review of the Jetspeed 12 will be released on my website soon.
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nandang setiawan says:

dear Mr. Paul……….which ones between those two rackets that more powerful in smash?
and which more effortless when we do clear strokes? (all in 3u version)
thx for your answer

Harley Ipoh says:

so obviously which racket is better

Thomas Lapointe says:

I’m currently playing with a 3U/G5 BS12, mostly MD and XD, and was wondering if going toward one of these two could be a significative improvement over the my beloved BS12. Thanks!

Dermann Ohnenamen says:

Hi Paul, I’ ve read your written review on the JS 10 (5 gold stars) and have seen the vids about it so that I am now testing it. Thank you so much.

My question: You seemed so delighted about the s10 that it was the new racket of your choice. I am under the impression that your enthusiasm has waned a bit. Am I wrong? For example in this video you do not seem to be so convinced about the jedspeed 10 anymore whereas in your first review it seemed to me that you raved about it. I am asking because – as mentioned – I am just about to test the js 10 and I am interested to hear whether in the meantime you have found some minor flaws in the js 10? Thanks for all the videos (corkscrew action and everything). Very helpful indeed! Best regards!

Get lost says:

Started out with the JS 12 3U, but the racket broke around the string area within 1-2 weeks of playing. It might have been a product defect. Thus I received the JS 10 3U in exchange because the JS12 was out of stock for a long time.

While I think that the JS 12 is more forgiving (wider and more flexible) and would suit more players, I feel that the Jetspeed 10 is slightly more powerful and a lot quicker. But both rackets are very good.

Keven Wang says:

Is this the 3u or 4u version of the jetspeed 12?

ELFYHO says:

Jetspeed 12 4u vs Bravesword 12 3u, which produce stronger power in smash?

Diego Costa19 says:

Hi Paul, can you suggest string tension for js12. I would happy if u can give a feedback. Tengs

BlueBanana5000 says:

I’ve read that the JS12 is mostly a doubles racket, and not really recommended for singles. Is that true? Cause I’m looking for a racket, that performs well in both singles and doubles..

Paul Stewart Advanced Badminton Coach says:

Jetspeed 12 in this video was a 3U version. i’m not a great fan of 4U, especially having played with 3U.

Andrew Lim says:

hi paul, is the j12 more head heavy than LD force both in 4u? i felt the ldf abit head heavy and abit stiff. is the j12 less stiff? thx.

JAMOnffc says:

I bought my JS10 based on your written review and I love it for doubles, nice tight feel especially when defending. You don’t lose the power when clearing/smashing like you do with a lot of head light racquets. Have to use it indefinitely because of an elbow injury picked up from using my Z Force 2 during doubles. Great content as always

Chye Heng says:

Hi Paul,

Do you know Whether Goh V Shem is still using Jetspeed10 or 12?

And which would you recommend more for an attacking player?

I’ve always been using Yonex head heavy racquet as a attacking player. Currently using VTZF2.

However, I found my 3U VTZF2 a bit difficult to control my drive during doubles. I play singles as well.

SportGuy 7 says:

Hi Paul,
Which racket out of jetspeed 10 and 12 is more compatible for doubles?

BlueBanana5000 says:

How does the JS12 compare to the Li Ning N90 III in terms of head heaviness?

Sandip Kumar says:

Hiii..currently I’m using Even Balanced rackets(like Duora 10-3U & ARCS 7-3u) versions I am an offensive player. so please suggest me the best Victor badminton racket(3U) version.

DarkSparklyUnicorn says:

Out of the js12, hypernano air, 800p and 800c, Which is more suitable for an intermediate doubles player that tends to play from the back? It’s really hard to find the js10 in stock, and I’m using the bravesword lyd.

Dragon4eva says:

When you say the 12 is not as “fast” as the 10, do you mean the 10 is more headlight, or something else?
Also, comparing it to something like the NS9900, which one plays faster?

TheGreatOne says:

Hi Paul, Im torn between getting JS10, JS12 and HNX800 Ltd Power. Im moving from the Arcsaber Z-Slash so i want to know which one feels similar in terms of weight, stiffness and ease of clearing. My play style is one that relies on deep clears and tight dropshots + slices so which racket would be the best suit for me?

Eli Nathan says:

HI, I have never used a victor racket before, how would you say they compare to yonex durability wise? Which do you prefer, the jetspeed 12 or the voltric 80 e tune?

Bruh Bruh says:

So which one is better, the s10 or the s12? I’m thinking of buying a Jetspeed s10 in hopes of a quicker swing, faster defense and faster drives. I’m also looking to improve control over power in my singles game, but I want to still hit powerful smashes and have tight net shots in doubles. However, I usually play with medium flex racquets so I’m not sure what a stiffer racquet will do to my game. Would the Jetspeed s10 or s12 be better?

Syaffiq Affendy says:

Hi paul..does jetspeed 10 feels a little bit heavy on the head? Im not used to head light it a lot lighter than voltric 70 etune?

arunkumar.c says:

hi paul 1 like to know does js10 4u gives slight solid feel of frame when driving the shuttle ? or is it very head light flimsy ?

Steve Lim says:

Hi Paul, thanks for all your comments and reviews.

Although still didn’t have a chance to try the rackets on court, but I did try to swing them in the shop (without string and grip since they are new), the JS 10 3U, JS 12 4U, VTLDF 4U and Arcsaber 11 3U. I feel regarding head heaviness, the LDF is very much similar to my current VT80, where JS 12 and Arcsaber 11 sits in the middle, and JS 10 the lighter (and definitely the fastest).

From this swing test, since I;m looking for a new racket not as HH as my current VT80, I have to give up LDF. And I quite enjoy the lightness of JS 10. From reading some forums, quite some users complains about Victor’s QC, saying some of its rackets are easily broken and overall not as durable as Yonex. Also, some complains JS 10’s vibration issue, saying its vibration absorb ability is lacking. I’m not sure about this since still no chance to try it on court.

On court, I had the opportunity to try Apacs Lethal 10 which is quite head light. I found myself quite enjoy playing with the Lethal 10 after heavy duty fast actions with my head heavy VT80 in doubles (tired wrist and arm). The weakness of this racket is that it lack power even if i put more strength on the shot. Also, I tried Duora 10 on court, it actually quite enjoyable, the smashing is powerful although head not as light but still much lighter than VT80.

Looking at some headlight/balance choices, I shortlisted Arcsaber 11 (looks like only 3U available), Nanoray 900 (also only found 3U), JS 12, JS 10 (3U or 4U?), Duora 10. Hoping to hear advice from you. Thank you!

Have a nice day!

corbier26 says:

Thanks Paul

iamyourfather says:

Great review! Been waiting for this!

Nic Odeon says:

Hi Paul. Can a 3U of Jetspeed 12 be good for doubles?

Chunkey says:

Is it perfectly balanced?

Mike Beltran says:

Thanks for showing me your written review! I guess im gonna stick with my 3U its gonna be very different from my BS12 3U but i will be more than happy if i get more power with sacrificing a bit of the speed. Thanks again coach Paul!

micoel Caine says:

Good racket but I’ll stick with my arcsaber FB.

Nus S says:

Lee chong wei the malaysian badminton player is using a “Yonex, VOLTRIX 82″…

LauchEleven says:

Hey Paul, first of all: thanks for your review.
I’m using the Arcsaber 11 right now and would like to try something else with a little bit more power and speed. Do you think the JS-10 is worth a try ? How would you compare these two rackets ?
thanks in advance

Robin Lan says:

I just bought jetspeed 10 last week, without knowing what I got 4U or 3U type….. eventually…I got the 3U type….heavier and only written pyrofil only…there is no by mitsubishi…..

Keven Wang says:

Hi Paul
Im using a tk9000 right now. I think its a surprisingly fast frame especially for a head heavy racket. Im just wondering if Jetspeed 12 would better suit me bc I feel that tk9000 is a tad stiff for me and also because it isn’t as head heavy. Thanks

1990idris says:

hi Paul,
I want to ask you, is Victor Jetspeed S 12 good for defensive or more for attacking performance? I usually play aggresively with some powerful smash.
Is this racket head heavy and medium flexible?

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