Victor Jetspeed Ahmad Badminton Racket Review
A short video review for the Victor Jetspeed Ahmad Badminton Racket. For a more in depth review, please read my article on my website via the link above.
Please note that my racket reviews are based on my personal opinion – what suits me as a player, may not suit you. Whenever possible, I recommend that you demo a racket before you buy.


Simon Wu says:

Nice! Keep it up, not sure how hard it would be, but I think for every written review there could be a conjugate video review. And you will be big fast cuz everyone knows you in the badminton world!

Ice JinLee says:

Mr Paul may I request u to do a video on Js 10 pls

Wichid Kumthongdee says:

I like victor J ahmad

Chuck Norris says:

Nice vid, Paul. I much prefer the Victor rackets to YONEX rackets. Have a JS10 and TK9000 after your reviews, prefer the Thruster, suits my game.

Bobby Erlangga says:

may I know where is original js natsir made in? korea or taiwan? mine is taiwan, is this original raquet?

SportGuy 7 says:

Hi Paul,

Would you say this Is a good racket for singles or singles and doubles or just doubles?

Depending on what your answer is to my question above,
I want to buy this racket but I can’t find anyone that sell this in the UK, do you have any idea if you know of anyone in the UK that sells the Victor jetspeed Ahmad racket?

chresna aditya says:

This racket is based on Jetspeed S 8 or Jetspeed S 10?

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