VICTOR Thruster F Badminton Racket Review

Badminton enthusiast just looking to give back to the community 🙂

Victor Thruster F Review
Specs: 4U/G5 – 28lbs BG80 Power

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danielh9898 says:

Great video!

geesil1 says:

this racket looks amazing and the technology looks very promising but i am a head light racket user, i use rackets like nanoray 800 and the js 12, i was curious if this racket would work for me ??

dino ordinary says:

Just bought the 3u, 88.5gr bp 298mm. Quite surprise with its swing speed, quite easy maneuver for a head heavy racket

ExpiredPears says:


jenny fong says:

Awesome video! Subscribed 😉

Taeng9Pany says:

0:36 that aint TTY’s signature… it’s actually part of the model name “Thruster F 隼”

Fai Fighter says:

Now this is what i call a review… very informative and great presentation…

n0dding says:

I think the senston n80 and apacs rackets basically have 0 reviews on them, would be great content for you!

Jed Yap says:

Why is there a gap in ur stringing? Does it have a difference in play?

O' Neil Aakash Biswas Biswas says:

Hi. Great job. How does this racket compare to jetspeed s10?

Luca Jacobeit says:

I love it.Can you make more Videos like that.

Legends Moments says:

Awesome review! Very informative, may i know does this racket having an issue with sinking grommets?

Fitri2305 says:

Hi Ayo Tony..TK F is powerful racket but compare with HX800 which one more powerful when smash?If you have BS 12 n TK F which one you prefer to use?Now i use BS12 with Yonex Aerobite string for fancy and control game and i use HX800 with Kizuna z63 strings for attacking play.

Jason Hum says:

Your smashes used to be harder when you used Yonex rackets, what happened?

Kit says:

Please make some tutorial videos! I want to improve my backhand because it is not very good (except when I use it to smack people)

Roy says:

Interesting…I had the same issue with returning smashes with my tk-f during a match. I wasn’t used to it, so had to switch back to my bravesword 12 for the rest of the match. Even stringing it like TTY eh? 🙂

Cal Norman says:

Great review. You say it’s not 20% more powerful than other high end rackets, which I agree sounds hard to believe, but do you think that it is still somewhat more powerful than other rackets eg Z force 2? Just maybe not as much as 20%?

Sunfrey Lung says:

First comment for the first time. I really like the review and I am very interested in maybe getting a Victor Thruster for myself

ash li says:

is this raquet is better than yonex z force 2

LOL nightfor7XD says:

I feel that you should include some gameplay of the racket 🙂

Junfeng Xu says:

Hi Curious about how did you string the cross string to leave the third string from the bottom empty.. did you just skip a hole on that spot when put it the crosses? I want to try it too Thanks!

Jed Yap says:

Will do u a racket review of the Victor Spiderman

Kenneth Lee says:


Emma S says:

Nice review!….but my mom still won’t buy it for me….(she said I am not strong enough like TTY) :……(((

Guitar Dev says:

Enjoyed the review. Thanks for sharing your insights. Cheers!

yew108 says:

Hi. Have you ever test Mizuno JPX Limited Edition ? Also, is this TKF good for double play ?

ad34rt says:

I have a bravesword 12. While I love it in terms of control, smash return (it’s incredible there). I struggle with the smash. Find it hard to get power and time it right, feels like I’m mishitting it a lot (which I don’t get when I don’t smash). Think it’s because of the different head design, I can’t utilise it well. Do you have any tips for smashing with these types of racquets? Do you think upping the tension on these racquets is a good idea or lowering if I’m struggling? I’m using 22 lb bg 80 power atm, which is a bit low for me but was being conservative as not used to the racquet.

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