Watch Out Yonex! Kawasaki King K8 Badminton Racket Review

Review of the Kawasaki King K8 badminton racket. Is it better than the competition?
Kawasaki Badminton:
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Here’s my review of the Kawasaki King K8 badminton racket. It’s nice to see more competition in the badminton rackets industry. Yonex rackets have a reputation as being the best, but this racket by Kawasaki is looking to challenge their throne. Remember more choices is always better for the consumer!



MagicMonarch24 says:

You should make a racquet stringing tutorial. I string racquets myself also and its useful to see how several people string and their techniques, small tips and tricks etc..

Nina 79 says:

Hi can you make a video about badminton play styles I don’t mean some funny videos I mean for example all-out smasher or … that will be very nice thank you

CZar says:

That’s amazing.

Celestalyne Strokes says:

It would be very useful if you could compare it to the Adipower Pro, on paper the specs are the same.
To me the Adipower feels more close to an even-balance than a head-heavy frame.

By the way, If you don’t plan to keep the KING K8 as your main *I will be glad to purchase yours* (no need to unstrung it). That could help you review another one while making me happy to have a new frame for my doubles.

Paranat Prapasanobol says:

Have you ever heard of adidas racket? My coach said it is very good

Sukhi S says:

Thank you Johanthan. I started playing a month back regularly though I played irregularly few years back. I made a mistake now with the racket. I thought buying a good racket is very important for me to start with and bought Victor JetSpeed S10 for around 149 Euro here in Germany. Once I started playing, I noticed I had no control on the shuttle and was very difficult to hit shots. Most of them were hitting the frame. I tried a 40 Euro arc saber racket and found that I was more comfortable with it. My friend told that in my racket the power is concentrated on the center of the racket unlike his. Can you please let me know if I should switch to basic racket again now or should continue with JetSpeed s10 racket. If you want me to switch to basic one. Please do also let me know or make a video for beginners like me to make the racket selection. Thank you!

mark leong says:

Yes i would love some stringing videos

The Plat Dream says:

Have you ever tried the z force 2 before? It seems like maybe it’s similar to this racket

Milind Pattanayak says:

Yes, stringing videos would be great!

Alex says:

Nice video!

Mrigank Shekhar says:

Please make a tutorial for stringing rackets. Please!

Nikita Mandhare says:

I use yonex voltric 5 since4 years now…….which voltric racquet should i buy now…

Firstname lastname says:

hey jonathan! nice video. a question: I’ve signed up for the smash harder ebook but it didn’t go in my inbox. I’ve also checked practically every folder and uses other email addresses. can u please send it manually to me? here’s my email:

QBA LIU says:

I wouls really apprecieate a stringing tutorial 🙂

August Roesen says:

You should try FZ Forzas stuff


Yet another great video.Keep up the good work.
Could you make a video on the flick serve please

Meerkat 243 says:


Sarmad Saeed says:

Great video bro but made another video on types of badminton players

The Badman says:

i just bought this raquet some days ago. i think it will be a good one for my double play-style 🙂 i just don’t like the paintjob but it’s a detail

ZoVance says:

what’s the title of the music on the intro??

VictoryHand says:

Some of the sound levels were a bit off and you could probably do with a better microphone but otherwise a good review that I enjoyed! Keep up the good work.

Hieu Nguyen says:

will you get astrox 99??? it suits you !

SirChocula says:

YES to stringing videos and what equipment we should get and where to get them!!!

FattyStevee says:

Great video ! Love the review 🙂

SirChocula says:

Each racket should have their own class too: head heavy, balanced, light/speedy ones, etc. So you would only compare the racket to the best in their respective class. Also, I think it would be a great idea to score each attribute of the racket compared to the best in said class. So things such as: smashes, drives, drops, etc. You should rank it from 1-10. So let’s say you’re reviewing a head heavy singles racket, then you should compare it to the Z-force 2.

Yasmien Folens says:

Thank you for this video! I was wondering if this racket was something for me! Now I know 🙂

Jeff Chen says:

nice review, looking forward to seeing more

David Joshua Hernandez says:

About how much is the tool you string the racket with? And what is it called?

DJ Pebble says:

Could you please explain the concept of “string tension” and why it’s better to have a higher string tension. Im a doubles player and I currently play with 20 pound string. How does it affect my game if i increase it to maybe lets say 30?
Thank you

clementeunknown says:

Great unbiased review. The only thing I would like to see more of is actual play footage with audio so we can hear the racquet. It might seem pretty but it would be nice.

Anunay Gandhi says:

What tension did you use?

ayush panchal says:

You have a long action and that is why you would prefer a heavy racquet

5MWN says:

Love to know how to string rackets!!

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