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Adeel Azam says:

i using yonex nanory 20 but its no suitable for me because of its weight so what racket you recommended.
Thank You..

Adam Mcallisteradam says:

Favourite- Yonex Arcsaber Z Slash

swetha seetharam says:

Which racket u r using?

Adhip kurian says:

Thnx , I bought a Arc Saber 001 and it’s WoW . Actually I owed early a Canon but it doesn’t suit me . Now I feel lucky ……

William Zhao says:

man i feel like all the videos ive allready learned

Rakibul Islam says:

I love & play powerful shots too much. Also likes to smash more. Whether it is single or doubles. Which type of rackets will help me to improve my actions? like stiff or soft or head heavy/light?
Thank you in advance. 🙂

JWI says:

really helpful information thanks 🙂

Ricky Martin says:

what the Name n Brand of Your Racket ? please do reply

Aadhil Noushad says:

Which r u using

Han Lin says:

can u explain some about string tensions.

Afrida Doang says:

Hi Anna i really want to No what Brand is your racket

Rishikhesh Chakrapani says:

My name is Rishikhesh from India. My question is, how do you time your smashes? Please upload a video about that. Thanks!

Samuel Joel says:

tks 4 the vid

Rishikhesh Chakrapani says:

I feel best with the Arcsaber Z slash and the Voltric 80.

Distructocon 88 says:


Leon Frost says:

good work keep it right pls

chandrashekar raparthy says:

? steps to take before buying yones racket wtsup 9848491676

Howninja gt says:

racqet or racket?

famous man says:

Can you teach me badminton playing

Shemeer M Ali says:

I like Yonex Carbonex 8000+

Paras Gehlot says:

nice video but you cannot learn about racquet selection without your own experience, head heavy, Flex type you shall choose it from your experience.
Most important thing racquet grip is very important, your grip impacts a lot on your game, trust me.

KidPerfect says:

thank you so much i now wich one that i’m going to buy i’m going to buy one flexiblie one and one stiff one 🙂

keshav kumar Swami says:

Thanku anna… Now I got backhand trick…..and its working………. 🙂
but I hav a problm smtimes in cross drop from net or back gallary..
can u help me out?

VoldemortVDK says:

Thank you!
I like the logo of BetterBadminton 😀

Bargyone says:

What shops in london let you demo your racket ?

IvanIvanov says:

Sounds like you’re picking magic wand … xDD – harry potter xD

Josbra says:

Im going to buy my “starter racket” and i dont really know my playstyle, so i where thinking about the Forza 20 or Forza 30

aju pudur says:

my question is that when ever I am hit the birdie my racket frame touch first and it looks very odd.any solutions.

William Zhao says:

there is no “BEST” racquet theres only the raquet that fits you. and ive notseen the vid yet

Murad Miah says:

Thank to u I have the perfect racket

Kenula Bandara says:

My racket is li Ning n90 3

Siddhu Siddhartha says:

Which company shoes are better Li Ning or Yonex

pretty_nostalgic XD says:

How do you fix scratches in a badminton racket?

Rishikhesh Chakrapani says:

This is important for all of you. Do not try to choose the one that has better quality. Choose the one you feel comfortable with.

ashok joshi says:

its nice video but hoe can i lift a smach plez upload it

Jayam Shrivastava says:

I want to buy a batminton under 2400 rs when I should buy muscle power 29 or muscle power 22 plus or Carbonex 8000 +


may i know which racquet do you use.

Seija says:

half of this was just made up bullshit she thought up of 5 minutes before doing this video.

Riyan Ramiah says:

Thank you

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