Which Yonex Badminton string should you use?

A guide to all the different Yonex Badminton strings available in the UK. 12 identical rackets strung with 12 different performance strings from Yonex all at the same tension and tested at the same time. Like & comment to win one of the rackets in the video!
Strings we review:
1:25 BG Aerobite
2:48 BG Aerosonic
4:05 BG 66 Ultimax
5:11 BG 66 Force
6:22 BG 80
7:40 BG 80 Power
8:30 NBG Nanogy 98
9:33 BG 68 Titanium
10:49 NBG Nanogy 99
11:45 NBG Nanogy 95
12:39 BG 65
13:58 BG 65 Titanium


the gangstars the heroes says:

I want bg 80 or aerobite and bg65 titanium

Panky Nayak says:

By the way my favorite yonex nanoray is nanoray z speed !

Rebirth Fire says:

Ive only used the bg 66 ultimax string and I coupled it with a duora racket and the result is godlike


I have Nanoray 7000i but it is written with 16 to 20 lbs/7kg to 9kg. Can I use bg 65, if not then why? And which strings should I use. Please tell me if the strings will break my racquet.

Buzz Entertainment says:

I want BG 80 or BG 65 Titanium or BG 66 Ultimax pleaseeeeeeeee

chandana kumari says:

I subscribed and liked I need bg80 strings with rracket

Clash with dude Shivansh says:

Bg80 one


Yonex bg 95 cheap and best

Charlie Janto says:

BG80S and Nanogy98

Krrish Kumar says:

Best badmintom all !!!!!!☺️

Shashank Vashishta says:


Nepth Lorenz Carbonell says:

I like the blue one

Nisha Sangwan says:

Aeroside please

Mr Zan says:


My zone says:

I like areobote one

Lance Quaile says:


Adarsh Puffz says:

Aerosonic is the best cause its only 0.61 mm

Rahul Singh says:

Can u plzz tell me sir?
I want to restrung my yonex voltric 10 dg with BG 65 TITANIUM on 25lbs is it good for me i am used to play many smashes and aggresive games?
Sir kindly suggest me a good string for my yonex voltric 10 dg according to my game?

Thank u sir.

technology hub says:

Hey…buddy nice vid…I wish to have a racquet with yonex aerosonic string.

manivishnu deep says:

BG 66

mani vannan says:

for voltric 10 dg which string is best for control and smash and sound

raunak Verma says:

I have muscle power 600

Sham Lata Rana says:

yonex bg 65 is a good choice

Sheenu ashu says:

I like second last racket

K Trivedi says:

Nanoray 6000i

Nepth Lorenz Carbonell says:

Very useful video i like it

Fam Airsoft says:

i subscribed too

Aydan Faizal says:

What colours does the aerosonic string come in

Badmin We Love Badminton says:

nanogy 99 vs aerobite.

Which one is good.

Please tell me

Aydan Faizal says:

Can I have the yonex duora 10 lcw jewel blue with aerosonic string I am also a ginormous fan keep up ur good work

Pratyush Sharma says:


Buzz Entertainment says:

Best channel for reviews supererrre

Droll Fails says:

BG 65

wins7031 says:

Loving badminton, every moment of it
BG80 & Nanogy 98…defintely. Hard one to call between the two

Nidhi Jacob says:

It’s called a gut

krishna D A says:

Big fan of BG 65 and nanogy 99

Vats Shah says:

which string should I use for a toned zr100 racquet?

Buzz Entertainment says:

Or BG 80 Power I Subscribed Your Video and Like

David Chelliah says:

Bg65 is good I like to get voltaic 1 dg

Fam Airsoft says:

nanogy 99

Sashwat Agarwal says:

I like BG 66 force

all thing you can do at home says:

BG 65


I want the aerosonic nanoray 20

Pang Deem says:

aerosonic or bg 80? im a high school player and im strong in smashing


Yonex nonogy 98

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