Yonex Astrox 77 Badminton Racket Review

Defensively, the Astrox 77 performed pretty well. It was fast and this is due to the slightly lighter weight. But what was my overall opinion? This video provides my initial thoughts and my full written review a can found here: https://badminton-coach.co.uk/9986/yonex-astrox-77-badminton-racket-review/


bhrugesh desai says:

Can you please review Duora 8xp

Shen Kai says:

Excited for the Astros 88S+D reviews.. Those are the big guns!

star z says:

Astro-77 better than Duro 10 please tell about

Mirg says:

thanks for the review Paul. Can you PLEASE request your dealer to provide a 3u version of the AX77 before so that you can do a better comparison for when you get the AX88s/d in 3u as well? Thank you

Adam Be says:

I have tried the 3u version and I was also a little dissapointed for the 3u version felt heavy and unwieldy with lots of weight in the head yet power was lacking. It seems that yonex have produced a racket inferior in power and speed to the z force 2. Definitely not conveyed my from my 3u tkf that i love. Still I want to try the 88s and d. Thanks for the great review as always (regardless of whether I like the racket).

perfect five says:

Is it good for intermediate player in your opinion?

FreakyDeaky Dude says:

I always like your reviews on rackets and especially the vid you made of different strings, it was very useful and informative. Been using Ashaway Fire 69 ever since and loving it. Looking for to your review of the Astrox 88s particularly and I’ll be very interested if you could compare it to the Duora 10 as that’s what I’m currently using. Great vids, keep them coming

zahed hossain says:

Please review the Astrox 88D 🙂

bong grape says:

Great review, a lot of people get into the hype that pros are using it and the moment they buy it, they think they will play like them. I dont even know why this is a doubles racket given how head heavy it is

star z says:

Please tell about the bracket price about then

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