Yonex Astrox 77 Review

Our first thoughts on the new Yonex Astrox 77 Badminton rackets. We are lucky to have been sent one of each racket by Yonex UK and it has given us a chance to study the details of the rackets and have some time playing with them. They have been strung at 26lbs with the new colours of Yonex Aerobite and play amazingly well. Apologies for the changes in volume in the video!

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alien in universe says:

When are you going to do give away?

kirun cjdw says:

Ass drop 77.


DustinRS says:

I have been playing with a Victor Thruster k9000 for a few years now. Over time I’ve found I’m not getting the power I’m looking for out of the racket. I have done extensive research on the top end yonex rackets. Duora 10 & z strike, voltic line, etc. Unfortunately I am unable to test any of these rackets out myself due to my location.
I am a doubles and singles player. I enjoy net play and kills, but I also have a heavy smash when need be and enjoy the back court. I’m looking for something I can use in all dispalines. Would you advise the astrox 77? Or would something else suit me? I know each racket feels different to everyone, but I don’t have the leasure of testing rackets out for myself. If you read this, thanks.

Joshua Epstein Tasgal says:

I have a question, I’d really appreciate it if you could get back to me! thinking about buying the astrox, what does g5 mean pertaining to grip, thanks!

Chanchan Mendez says:

can you give me one I’m on the phillipines

Ruby Castilho says:

Hi with your opinion which one did you prefer the 3U or 4U version?
I currently use the 4U VZF2 
Does the 3U feel overly heavy?

Luca Perryman says:

arcsaber 11 vs astrox 77?? I’m a singles player but play high level doubles too! My racket now is voltric 7.
Finding your channel very useful, keep it up!

dqcruz32 says:

great review

Ejam Ejam says:


Tri Pujiyanto says:

nice video, +like and sub

wonbo says:

Can you tell me, which racket’s frame is thinner between Astrox 77 and nanoray 900 when looking by side

Karthick Rick says:

Yes it feels very good to play, and i had a chance to play with this rackets end of last month by local yonex agents in dubai for a test.

ArchieBakerArch says:

Great vid but what happened to the giveaway

Tahsin Saon says:

Please please please brother make a review of lining n9 ii

Acewen Tan says:

Hi ClubRackets.com…………………wat type of string do he used for the testing ?

M. St. says:

I’ve been waiting for this video for a really long time. Awesome to see it!

M. St. says:

First viewer! 🙂

JMUDoc says:

They do the colour I want in the weight I don’t. *fp.
Actually, they’re both G4, not G5, so I wouldn’t want either of em!

HeStIn _ says:

Actually the duora z strike has a longer grip so the shaft is shorter than normal ..


Is this racket have’s on philippines?

Roderick Chang says:

does “easy to place” means easy control?

Oscar Lappay says:

You mentioned towards the end that this racket is suitable for most players. Which type of players do you think it is NOT suitable with? Thanks for the good review

Daniel Reklon says:

It seems to be a very interesting Racket. Thank U and keep on the nice work!

Dennis Huang says:

Great review

Mez_786 says:

…Once again great video guys, very informative and well explained as usual. I have ordered mine and can’t wait to get hold of it in the 4 days, watch this space because will do an in depth video of the racket so check it out…

justin phua says:

Hi there, I’m currently using a yonex Arcsaber 11 ( 3U G5) at the moment which I really enjoyed the good control & feel on it. I am indeed interested & keen to check on the Astrox 77. Which would be a good upgrade to if comparing to the 88 grams (3U) vs the lighter (4U)? As my playing style is leaning more towards attacking from the back court & a defensive type of gameplay.. Appreciate your feedback soon…Thanks 🙂

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