Yonex Astrox 88 Review

Our review of and first thoughts on the Yonex Astrox 88 Skill and Dominate Badminton Rackets that have just been launched before the All England 2018. We hope you like it. Please like the video and subscribe to our channel!

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Products featured in the video available to buy on https://www.ClubRackets.com
Yonex Astrox 88 Dominate – https://www.clubrackets.com/badminton/rackets/yonex-badminton/#!/Yonex-Astrox-88-D-Badminton-Racket-Ruby-Red/p/101216867/category=16236056
Yonex Astrox 88 Skill – https://www.clubrackets.com/badminton/rackets/yonex-badminton/#!/Yonex-Astrox-88-S-Badminton-Racket-Emerald-Green/p/101216869/category=16236056
Yonex Astrox 77 3U Blue – https://www.clubrackets.com/badminton/rackets/yonex-badminton/#!/Yonex-Astrox-77-Badminton-Racket-Metallic-Blue-3U/p/91528032/category=16236056
Yonex Astrox 77 4U Yellow – https://www.clubrackets.com/badminton/rackets/yonex-badminton/#!/Yonex-Astrox-77-Badminton-Racket-Shine-Yellow-4U/p/91597004/category=16236056

Abbeydale Park Badminton Club


Magna M.St. says:

Giveaway anytime soon?

魔王茉央 says:


Badminton Hero says:

Good review, thank you very much.
At the same time anyone can advice that since AX 88 are targeted for doubles players, will it make any sense to use for the singles players for singles games? Any comments would be appreciated.

Danny Roberts says:

Is the Astrox D head heavy?? I’ve played with the voltric z force 2, and it was a bit too head heavy you see! Also, is the smash on the astrox D a lot better on the S? I’ve just bought the S and I’m a bit worried you see haha

Bernardus Khrisnanda Yoriawan says:

Gaya disik mangan tahu tempe belakangan

parveen deswal says:

Big fan of you great review anyways

Edmond Ong says:

Can you suggest a 5u racket for me?

Jordi Singh Caixal says:

Duora Z-strike or Astrox 88d for singles?

Govind Ruby says:

Hey Can You Tell Me Use Of the Special Plastic at the Bottom Of The Bat Head.

aniket soman says:

is the astrox 88d good for singles?i am an really offensive player and does it deliver the power compared to a voltric z force 2 4u?i am deciding a racket between these two which should i get and are they good with plastics?Thanks 😀

Absinthe Jailbreak says:

I have also posted my detailed review of Yonex Astrox 77, read if you are interested https://www.badminton369.com/yonex-astrox-77-review-2018/

Ned Bot says:

I wish I had this racket but I’m too broke

Jacob George says:

Hi, please could you tell me what strings are used in this video

Reynan Mesiona says:

I love badminton and i love all your video

jaka putra kelana says:

I thought you were wrong bout the astrox 77 green lime (3U) which heavier than astrox 77 blue (4U) which is lighter

Vignesh Aryan says:

Hi club rackets. Have anyone seen astrox replica or fake rackets. Kindly throw some light on it…

Andy 278 says:

Can you use it for singles to?

terrific2010 says:

Hi, a quick question. What type of string and how much tension I should choose?

rian x says:

very nice review please keep up the good work and do more in the future 🙂

Dexter Chan says:

Hi im curious which would be better for doubles? The 3U or 4U?
I understand that 4U is mainly for doubles but i am in a confusion due to the fact that the arcsaber 11 3U is more used for doubles. Would the Astrox 88 be any different?

Rayndolf!!! says:

I love the glosssss

Dima Windasari says:

Good job to kevin.. Most talented badminton player in the world

Nguyen Thanh Lan says:

2:48 is the green racket’s top grommet misaligned?????????

Gin356a says:

Yonex racquets have gotten uglier and uglier over the years, the original AT700 and 900s looked so good, still look great, new products look like toys

Tan Kha says:

Are these rackets that are being tested 3u or 4u ?

faza firdaus permana says:

I saw kevin still using his arcsaber 11

Ivo Soares says:

I have the nanoray 900 and a play singles and doubles. I feel a lack of power with the Nanoray 900 in singles, cause in doubles is great. I dont have a regular partner so im on thr front and back of the court. What you recomend for a upgrade?

Muzameer ismail says:

I have the nanoray 900 3u and i play doubles only ,i wan try this 88s ,should i take 3u or 4u ? Which 1 is better for doubles ?

aniket soman says:

1 more question,how much difference is there between z force 2 3u and 4u?

jacc douglas says:

Hi the rackets used in the video is a 4u or 3u? String used is? Thanks

TempleRxse says:

they can play with $1 rackets and they’ll look good either way

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