YONEX Astrox 88S Review (2018) – Fastest Doubles Racket?

Super quick advanced doubles oriented racket perfect for players do dominate with speed and has mastered the ‘touch’ (good control)

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dino ordinary says:

What is the plus&delta of 88s compared to 77 blue, both 3u weight?

vyshagh aj says:

hey bro which is better for plastic shuttles 77 or 88 ??

Keith Fu says:

can u do a video of your racket collection?

Ethan Ngui says:

Which one has more power: Astrox 88D or 77

Miu Chi Ng says:

I have been considering to buy a new racquet, and have narrowed down to 3 choices. the voltric 80 e-tune, victor jetspeed s12 and the astrox 77. Which one would feel better with a backhand shot like backhand clear drop etc?

Volt Badminton says:

Hey guys i modified my aerus with gold spray paint , subscribe to my channel , thats it and ill post a video of my golden shb aerus .
BTW sick video Ken.

Ned Bot says:

88D is not as good as the 88S

ShadowG78 says:

Did you buy g4 or g5 because I’m going to buy it tomorrow in lung tang store but on their site only g5 is available.

Rayray says:

When’s the review for Astrox 88D coming out? I’m still trying to decide between the 2

陈诺 says:

Try Li-Ning n7ii, the experience is so great!

ArcSaber says:

What string you have in astrox 88S and how many lbs?

HERO-AIM says:

YONEX Astrox 88S or Arcsaber FB? I do smash lot and looking for weightless

Dat Asian Boi says:

To bad it’s ruined

Partha Sarathy says:

Which is the only one you pick
Astrox 77, 88S, 88D, irrespective of singles or doubles..

radowan khan Tanvir says:

I know both rakets are double oriented but can you please suggest me if I want to use the raket of astrox 77,Astrox 88D, Astrox 88S then which one will be better for single?

1 says:

nice video. i never really understood what all the technologies did but you explained them really well cant wait for more vids

vyshagh aj says:

which is better for plastic shuttles 77 or 88?

Rex Shin says:

I checked the website for this model. There isn’t a option for the 3UG5 or is it out of stock?

Mohammed Curry says:

astrox 77 v 88?

Robert James says:


Shen Kai says:

I just ordered my Astrox 88S(3U) form Lung Tang! Great service so far 🙂

Ho-yin Tang says:

These rackets were technically made for Lee Yong Dae => in an interview it was told that the racket was an idea of Lee Yong Dae it’s astrox “88” because Lee Yong Dae was born in 1988 => He wanted a racket that could kind of absorb it’s power and then convert it into the shuttle.

Yash Singh says:

Ken ive bought the 88s for singles play..KINDA THINK THT IM LIKIN IT

Chopper Tony says:

Please do the astrox 77 vs astrox 88S, thank you and love you very much!!!

Kieran Nutting says:

What tension are your own rackets strung at ??

Saty DG says:

What tension did you use on the 88S?

Akash K says:

broo what are the top 10 copy models of badminton racket. like copy model duora 10,z force 2,etc

Vamsi Krishna says:

Don’t delay anymore for Astrox 88D make it quick please. Because your reviews are getting more and more among us(Indians) and helping to choose the right rackets in fact

Vicky says:

which strings/kilo’s would you advise for a female double player?

Aris Ebiel says:


Jatin Verma says:

I am eagerly waiting for the 88D
When your gonna release it?

Michael K says:

Great video. What weight (U) and grip size (G) are you using?

Amit Kumar says:

Hi, Just subscribed your channel. It’s absolutely amazing and informative. I generally play doubles and would consider myself as an intermediate player. The shuttle we use is generally Yonex Mavis 350. Hence the question is will this racket serve good for plastic shuttlecocks? Also, if you can let me know the string details for this racket so that I can order from the website that sponsors your videos.

love badminton says:

Your astrox is awesome best video on youtube

Moritz Merten says:

Li ning n90 IV review coming soon? Greetings from Germany

Leo Tan says:

Will you do 88D review soon? Can’t wait to see the different between 88S and 88D.

Trobbelz •_• says:

please watch this! its insane

Yaamunan Venkatesan says:

Please review 88D ?? Thank you

Moritz Merten says:

Axelsen is playing this racket at the moment as you can see at his Instagram. How can you explain it and will you do a review on the n90 iv?

James Kim says:

Hey Ken don’t leave ur rackets in the sun

My zone says:


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