Yonex Astrox 9 Badminton Racket Review – Racket No 588

Yonex Astrox 9 Badminton Racket Specs:

Weight: 4u
Balance: Head Heavy
Shaft stiffness: Stiff
Max String tension: 20-28lbs

Strung weight: 88.4g
Balance: Very Head Heavy
Shaft Stiffness: Very Stiff

All of our rackets are re-strung with the same string to 25lbs tension.

We use the same shuttle cocks on all tests

We test all rackets in exactly the same way

Our player tries to hit all shots at the same velocity and strength to minimise variation.


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gowtham ranbir says:

Sir can u make a video of voltric 7dg

anoop pal says:

Please the victor hx20h budget professional racket

gowtham ranbir says:

Sir can u make a video of voltric 7dg

Bryan Setyawan says:

Do astrox 55, 66, 99 pls

Duy Nguyen says:

Is that slightly top head heavy ? The speed of Smash looks amazing

Eko Management says:

Please review lining ultra strong

Lil Jhonny says:

1st like, 1st view, 1st comment. LOL I’m just waiting for something special to come. Like this comment for a goodluck cause I’ll be playing for our district competition this september. Thanks

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