Yonex Astrox 99 Badminton Racket Review

My introductory video overview of the Yonex Astrox 99 Badminton Racket. For a more indepth written review, please visit:


nikunj anand says:

Which is head heavier??astrox 99 or zforce2??

teddy bear says:

Compare 88D and 99

Lewis Ang says:

Hi Paul, Lewis again, would you say the 88D is faster than the 99 in terms of Defence? And is the 99 more powerful than the 88D?

Aquawave says:

I see you’ve given thr astrox 99 a 4.5/5 on your written review, whilst you have given the astrox 88d your 5/5 silver award. Does this mean that you prefered playing with the ax 88d a lot more than the ax 99? (Just curious because I ended up buying the ax 99 4u g5 quite a while ago with the idea that it would just a much better racket all around than the ax 88d. After watching this, I’m considering selling this in order to purchase the ax 88d. I play both singles and doubles.) Would greatly appreciate a reply. ps: I’ve heard that there were a lot of qc issues surrounding the head weights and all. Could this be true?

Afiq Hassan says:

Some reviewer said dat 88d better than zf2.. And 99 are really heavy racket..
I tried only zf2 and i feel in love with it already.. Just need to know how to control the force it give..

europaexplorer says:

how does it compare it to Astrox 77 (4U, yellow) version?

Jazebzizu says:

After a long time…

wc low says:

hi paul, which type of player, or which level of player would u recommend this racket to?

ipushkarjoshi22 says:

Hii Paul, according to you which is a better racket Astrox 99 or Victor thruster k f? Can you please compare the two.

Crashie-Kun says:

Are there any big differences between the 3U and 4U? Looking at a 4U but heard 3U is better for singles?

Partha Sarathy says:

Hello sir.. You mentioned that Ax99 is good and fast in defense.. Would you say it’s better than the 88S?? Defense wise and the speed of rotating it.. Thanks in advance..

dino ordinary says:

I have ax88d and ax99, both 4ug5. Definitely ax99 is way more head heavy than 88d. I measure the actual weight and bp (original grip attach, without string), 88d is 85.3gr 300mm, while 99 is 85.5gr 312mm. I have to add lead tape on 88d to make it more head heavy

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