Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket Review – TESTED!

Yonex Duora 77 Badminton racket court testing review. Remember we offer straight facts from our testing such as smash speed in kph and racket head airspeed in kph. The control test is scored based on whether the shuttle lands in the green bucket or grey bucket. The results for this racket and the other 500+ rackets we have tested will be published in our main site due for release in a few months, for the time being please register for updates www.badmintonracketreview.co.uk.


Bong ERINO says:

do you have a review for the nanoray 700rp?

Azrul Ikhsan Mohamed says:

That racket weighs 85-89g BEFORE it was strung. Dont give false info to people please.. thank you so much

Moirangthem Nirman singh says:

Please test yonex voltric 10 DG……please

michael kianto says:

voltric 50 etune please…..

michael kianto says:

how about yonex voltric ld 9 ?

Nickikiddi says:

doesn’t the duora range have different shaped faces, one for forehand one for backhand? That being said – I am looking forward to the launch of the website.

Usaid syeed says:

When is your website coming ……..been like ages i been listening ..will launch soon.. (3 years soon enough )

Suleyman Pekgoz says:

Daura 77 is too heavy

Nithesh Kumar says:

hI sir pls tell me which one is best racket below 5000

Subhojit Mallik says:

Which is better the Voltric LD9 or Duora 77?

JJ Wong says:

iam a smasher in double so is ther any recommended racket

Ing. Peter Sivy says:

great test, thank you



Young Fox Vlogs says:

Please do a duora 88 review

Parthiban R says:

Sir, I’m looking for a doubles racket however i’m more over a defense and net player not a good smasher pls suggest a racket. Currently i’m using NR300R. Thanks in advance.

Haswanth Kumaran says:

can you please give me a racquet used one cause I am joining a competition I need a good one to play and this too is my friend mobile

jit4237jsm says:

Awesome review, awaiting your website to come online.. 1 question though, Nanoray suit my level of play, thought of buying nanoray speed (which has similar spec of z speed) but will duora 77/88 have similar maneuverability/swing speed compared to nanoray speed ?
will snap back zone technology match dual Optimus system ? please throw some knowledge.

지혁양 says:


Narendra Guntoro says:

What kind string that used ? thanks bfore

gibran danovan says:

please review voltric 50 neo or voltric 50 e-tune

Deril Roy says:

can you please launch your site, i am eagerly waiting to see the results.

daihanviet says:

wow this is an awesome channel 😀 love the vids!

Pranjal! says:

Which one should i buy duora 88 or 77…. I am a offensive player..

Eli Nathan says:

How does this compare to the Duora 10?

Dillip Kumar Bagh says:

voltric 7 order duora 77 which should I buy…. my playing style is attacking

ajay more says:

i love this video alot but please note how to compare

Eric Pranata says:

yonex duora 77 vs duora 88 you think which one is better for a smash ? please recommend to me

Baymax low says:

can you test yonex voltric z force 2 please,tq

Lewis Ang says:

Did u hold the racket the right way? :O

vivek pratap says:

Please review Yonex Voltric 8 E-Tuen

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