Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 Badminton Racket Review

This is a summary video review of the Yonex Z Force II badminton racket. There is a more in-depth written review over on my website: http://badminton-coach.co.uk/5632/voltric-z-force-ii-badminton-racket-review/


Steven Gu says:

Can a ZF2 be used in doubles and will it survive a lot of clashes between other rackets?

roman yadav says:

I have been playing with the arcsaber d8 and will this racket be comfortable to me?

Calliope Long says:

just had ZF2 recently. Played once and I had agreed with you the head is totally heavy as compared to Voltric 1 and Voltric 7. Still need to play around with this racket for few weeks and get the rite momentum. As far using it, smash is very POWERFUL

Shreyas Sharma says:

I have adapted well to the stiffness of ZF2 4u but it is sluggish in doubles. should I look at js10? how different is the stiffness?

Luminine says:

I love your reviews! But I have a suggestion, maybe at the end of the review maybe some footage of the racket in game would make the videos even better^^

wonbo says:

can you tell me which racket top frame is thinner between Voltric z force 2 and Jetspeed 10?

Harsh Gohil says:


AFs CHN says:

I feel like getting a new racket like the 3U ZF2 but heard it was not very user friendly. Are there any 3u rackets with same head heaviness but a bit more flexible.

Dimitar Asenov says:

what about Voltric ZF2 and Li Ning n99 ? which model is better

Bruh Bruh says:

What does stiffness do to performance and shots? Such as medium flexible vs. extra stiff racquets like zf2 or jetspeed 10?

Steven Gu says:

Fantastic video! Question, is there a huge difference ib the 4u and the 3u model

Eli Nathan says:

Do you think that since I can comfortably use the z force 1 and 80 e tune that I would be able to handle this as well? sorry for all of the questions

Pushies says:

Between this and the Almighty Voltric 80, which provide more smash power and defend?

JAMOnffc says:

Great video Paul. Had my Z Force 2 for a while, plays fantastic but don’t play doubles with it unless you want to get a long term elbow injury!

Thomas Rands says:

Hi I use the voltaic five and am looking to get the z force 2, would this be a good idea for me as my first v expensive racket?

The Forgotten says:

Hi Coach, I am currently checking out your videos between JS 12 and this racquet. I usually play doubles .. I am inclining more towards JS 12 than the Z-force II. I use an Arcsaber 11 now. What will i expect if I choose one of these two?

Yu Cheng says:

This racquet is much older than a year or so though.

NakadnaseLo90 says:

im using this racket for doubles and i only feel great when i play at the back court. it sucks when i playing at front court. am i the only one feels that way?

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