Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 vs Voltric Lin Dan Force Badminton Rackets

A quick look at the differences between the Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 and Yonex Voltric Lin Dan Force #badmintonrackets
Written reviews are also available on my website:
Lin Dan Force: http://badminton-coach.co.uk/8077/yonex-voltric-lin-dan-force-badminton-racket-review/
Z Force 2: http://badminton-coach.co.uk/5632/voltric-z-force-ii-badminton-racket-review/


DanTH505 says:

YONEX VTZF-2LD 4U lin dan version vs YONEX VTZF-2 not lin dan version what is the difference

Justin says:

There appears to be different versions of the Lin Dan force? I may be wrong but I see two different versions where one is significantly cheaper than the other. Is there a big difference between the two or am I just completely mistaken? Also, does the Lin Dan force play someone similarly to the z force 1?

Chee Wei Wong says:

Hi Paul! Great review and comparison!

I have been playing with my Li Ning N90ii for the past 1.5 years, intermediate level single game. I love the solid and control feel of N90ii. Do you think I could handle a 3U ZF2? Other than the compact frame and thinner shaft, any significant difference between these rackets? Thanks!

Tom Visser says:

I thought it was good that the ink comes off the strings very quickly. Heard it was better for the strings that way(as it doesn’t really get into the string itself then). You always have the option of using a more permanent type of ink but that’s up to the player, and it might reduce string life.

vyshagh aj says:

which would be better for fast paced m doubles 4u r 3u ld force will 3u give more power without loosing the speed of 4 u ??

manz214 says:

Hi Coach Paul,

I’ve had 2 rackets, a VT80 (4uG5) and a VTZF2 (3uG4), and honestly I’ve had more success with the VT80 (4u) in doubles since I normally play doubles in tournaments. So I was thinking maybe I would play better with the zf2 4u rather than the 3u I have, but I don’t have a friend who had a 4u version of it so I really can’t compare. Now my vt80 is 6yrs old with a lot of chips and I’m planning to buy a replacement to it, would you recommend the lin dan force 4u as a substitute rather than a 4u VTZF2?

Thanks and Best Regards

Ravk says:

hi Paul
can you do a comparison video between Yonex z force 2 vs Li Ning n90 3

JAMOnffc says:

Hi Paul, great video. Do you mind if I ask, what is the difference in playing with a stiff vs a flexible framed racket? I’ve only ever played with stiff ones. Thanks

Paul Kim says:

Hey Paul. I have Voltric Z Force II 3U edition, i love the head heavy racket since it delivers the powerful punch when smashing, therefore i want to add another voltric series, heard many great review of the VLDF. My question is does the VZFII and VLDF have a significant difference in power? What are the level in terms of power and smash?

Pang Eng Sheng says:

Hi sir duora 10 compare to voltric ld force which one is more balance racquet ? Cause still planning to get a new one racquet

Awg Afizal says:

Hi Paul. I keep reading the shaft is categorised as flexible though it is rated as stiff on some sites. Is it less stiff than a Volt80?

Eli Nathan says:

Hi, at the moment I have 4 rackets which I use, the z force 1, two duora tens and a voltric 80 e tune. I really enjoy cycling through rackets and felt the voltric z force 2 in store and it felt really solid. I am a 14 year old singles player who likes to attack and defend so all around performance. Do you think that it is worth me getting?

Shantanu Baviskar says:

thank you very much Mr. Paul it was a very useful useful review for me as I was in a big dilima between both the rackets

ndkhoa2812 says:

Hi Paul, how would you compare the Lin Dan Force to the Voltric 5 (overall feeling, stiffness, head heaviness)?
I’ve been using the Voltric 5 for a while and I have to agree with your 5 star review on this racket a while ago. Of course I know the LD Force is the more expensive option, I just want to make sure if the Lin Dan Force is a worthy upgrade since I feel the stats of these two racket could be quite similar.

Robert Jasper Gorre Escuadro says:

What racket should I play with? I am a singles player, very good at backhand, net plays and very agressive. I was thinking about either Voltric Lin Dan Force or Duora Z -Strike.

Evan Mendez says:

Which is better? And why?

Eli Nathan says:

Hey paul, I have the choice between the duora z strike or the LD force? what do you think is the better racket for singles. Well obviously it is personal choice but what would you go for?

MarcusKK says:

Hey Paul. I was wondering how the 4U version of the Zforce 2 compares to the 3U version if youve tried both

sohel rana says:

VOLTRIC 80 E-tune and Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 which one best u think??

Tu Do says:

ai dịch tiếng việt dùm đi

russel martinez says:

Hi Paul.

Good and dependable review as always.

I have a 3U z SPEED lime color and a 4U VTZF2LD white. I prefer using the Z Speed. It suits my game in all aspects.

I am sold to VTLD Force but can’t decide if 4U or 3U. Any thoughts?

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