Yonex Z Force and Z Force II Badminton Racket review by Lee Clapham for PDHSports.com

New review of the Yonex Voltric Z-Force and Z-Force II by England international badminton player Lee Clapham, PDHSports.com linked coach.


jazz lopez says:

that doesnt make sense….. can you explain to me how taufik hits it so hard and yet noone esle in badminton can do it,,   how does one get raquet head speed? 

LEL says:

Im about to get a new racket. I am in grade 8 and I started playing badminton this year and I improved tremendously. I can beat most grade 12s that have been playing for more than 4 years in club in both singles and doubles. I also have a powerful wrist so clearing and smashing is not a problem for me. Right now im wondering if I should get the li ning n90 iii or the vtzf 2… can you please reply?

Russel James Canonio says:

I have Voltric z force it’s a great racquet

Midnight Spirit says:

Im about to get a new racket. I am in grade 6 and i started playing badminton since grade 4 and i improved tremendously,Right now im wondering what racket will i buy
voltric z-force II or Nanoray z-speed???????

Gravitythewolf says:

What racket do you recommend for beginners

JOHNWESLEY Vethanayagam Shadarc says:

First…. thank you so much for this video nice  comparing. i was waiting.. i think.. V2 is bit fast i think. im using vz recently i bought zspeed. vz i broken my string more than 6times. i tried Nbg98(22lbs), (bg6sti (22)i felt bit hard when im using this string)currently im using um66(24) but will you prefer any string for this racket?

Ryan Anuar Adam says:

Great video and good comparing thanks for the information!

JayHe says:

Is it just me or are you guys extremely tall…or is the net just loose…

Barney Johnson says:

What happened to the end of the video…does anyone know where I can find it?

rainbowtrout97 says:

shame not much info on the z force 2, ordered one anyway just to see if its any good

Daniel Peromsuwan says:

I also have all two of them

구준모 says:

ah~~~ i am scary. i bought this one yesterday. ohno.. the weight is like to hunt my arm.. oh.. plz ~~~~~ i wanna use comfortable ~~T_T

Kenneth 0301 says:

Hi 🙂 i want to suggest the Voltric 70 & 80 E-Tune 🙂



Ray Wu says:

nice video 🙂
currently own a zforce #1
i personally prefer yonex nanogy 95  at 27lbs, gives good control, good power, and also great durability.

Glenntastic says:

hey! Where’s the other half of the Video.. where can I find it??

Lazy Bug says:

May i know the exact meaning of the racket’s 2U 3U 4U ?? I thought its mean the net weight of the racket itself but one guy who sell racket told me its actually a gross weight which include string & grip .. so which one is true ?? Thanks

Chun Hao Chang says:

why didn’t you talk about the z force 2 and the video stop. Just waiting for the comment.Orz

Jono Onoj says:

do you think the z force 2 is worth getting?My current racquet is the z force 1

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