2016 Baseball Bat Reviews

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DumB ShoTz says:

I just got the demarini cf8 yesterday

nick ari says:

Any suggestions I have a cf8 not a big fan of it feels as though it’s dead. I am 5’10 200 lbs sophomore on varsity, any suggestions on bats

Elio Peralta says:

I looking for a bat that I can used on the babe ruth baseball league tournament for baseball 13 yers old..

Justin Camacho says:

Is it possible I could buy any of these just curious if so my size is -3 33in 30oz

Josh 11 says:

composite!!!!!!! I have that combat

Devin Patrick says:

Are all velo’s two piece?? Very confused right now

Thomas Gregg says:

Useless. This didn’t really review the bats. It was more like opening a menu and not knowing how any of the food tastes.

Assassin Force says:

Stfu how would an adidas bat rival a mako, and plz tell me you know that the mako is way more popular than cf8

Mike Honcho says:

best and most informative bat video I’ve watched. thanks

Mexican Béisbol says:

U said the aluminum and composite wrong

Froshe Fresh says:

Lucky you have so many bats. I’m in need of a really good one but they’re like $250+

Senpai says:

I literally found this while trying to find what type of bat Clown uses to hit the Keg in Slipknot

Richard Diaz says:

need help!!! advice on 32/29 bbcor for $200??? anyone

Embark Baseball says:

anyone else notice he said the 716 is a one peice bat

Cole Jones says:

can we buy bats from you

Michael Hill says:

Do you have any wood bats for sale

Kevin Paek says:

the 716 is composite

Tiffany Brand says:

I broke 2 dirty south bats

Team Diaz says:

Thanks for the video. What the proper way to brake in a bat? (Rawlings Velo)

Papiisdagoat101 P says:

Can I have 1 plz

danny edelman says:

2016 easton s200 is not there

Jose Guillen says:

no murucci?

nw81 says:

yeah the knob is always the most important part to me??? Factory grip will fall off within a week or two and then tape it however you want. stupid


never found out the best bat. Just a bunch of rambling.

BIG G says:

Combat Maxum is the best one out of all of them second is the axe bat

Jack Tamayo says:

can I have one

Nic Recene says:

I got a mako

gary anderson says:

Nice bats

Tyler Thornton says:

Could I get one idc which one just anyone

danny edelman says:

wow you guys missed an easton thats awesome

Trey Smith says:

I broke my demarini

Ed Jones says:

What makes the green CF8 better than the other colors? My team had orange. Every player that hit hr’s against us had the green bat. We had 0 hr’s. Midway through the season we bought a few green cf8’s. We did a comparison at practice and the green bats waaaay out preformed orange. The next game 3 hr’s with the green bat. We hit at least 2 hr’s per game after. Our best was 6 hr’s in one game. 7 of our 11 players hit hr’s after we got the green CF8.

one punch man says:

send me one if the zombie apocalypse happens

imax digital says:

This is complete bullshit. “Hot out of the plastic” aluminum barrels differ from composite bats in that composite bats need to be “Worked in?”

lol, show me the science/ physics involved with this claim that a composite bat needs to be broken in… It’s tensile strength won’t change, it’s rigidity will remain the same, etc. I don’t understand, anyone want to elaborate?

Baseballkid03 says:

my velo isn’t 2 piece

delcy28 says:

I think I will send my son over there for a couple days! He’d have a field day. LOL
As you know, the Nighthawk is available in Senior League, and as you also know the Covert is the new name for 2017. Keep up the good work.

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