2017 Rawlings Quatro CAGE Side Review – VELO, 5150 Comparison

Comparing the 2017 Rawlings Quatro to the 2016 VELO and 5150.

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Duhh Duhh says:

Quatro lol the way he pronounces it

Jesus Rangel says:

I have another question what do the numbers mean. (-3), (-5) (-8) (-10)????

Ed Jones says:

How long does the Quatro take to break in? My 12u son has taken about 500 swings and it still doesn’t feel broken in. It doesn’t have pop yet.

Ptah-re Mathis says:

But good Video though just wondering when you’re gonna do some giveaways.

Tyler Smalley says:

Which bat would be better for bbcor, the quatro or the voodoo balanced

Jay Treadwell says:

My son has had two of these SL Quatros and both have cracked. The first one in less than three weeks. The second made it through winter with minimal use indoors only. It was never used outside in cold weather. We kept the bat inside and only used it in climate controlled cages. Only hit real baseballs, never dimple balls. Most swings in the winter were off the tee. Just sent the bat back to Rawlings waiting to see if they will replace it. Original purchase was in October 2016. We loved the performance, but not so much the durability. $300 is a lot to pay for a game day only bat for a 10 year old.

Thomas Horstkamp says:

He has arm bar at the beginning of his swing.

Ptah-re Mathis says:

More than half of the people who were talking trash can’t even strike him out. And like you said he is a kid learning how to hit a ball. We were all at that stage before. Just wanted to get that out.

pkn 187 says:

2 piece velo, my son has owned makos voodos s1 s2 this bat is his favorite by far. lot of pop and super light balanced swing…. looking to get a quatro now… now you have owned it for a little would you recomend?

Men Troy says:

Are you going to make a video of the new 2017 Velo -12 2 piece? Do you know if the barrel size will be the same size as the Quatro? Thank you.

delcy28 says:

I get plenty of hitting advice when we post to FB that he’s getting some extra reps in. Last time, my wife caught him on his last reps when he was goofing off, and doing one handed drill. The advice came pouring in. LOL

Just Bat Reviews says:

I said bright “orange”, but I meant, obviously, bright “yellow”.

Reborn says:

Alright so I just made my highschool baseball freshman team and I’m wondering what’s a good bat. I was looking at the axe bat but I want your opinion

Spencer Rhoads says:

Are you gonna review the solo 617 from Louisville?

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