2018 Combat (Easton) Maxum BBCOR Cage Side Review


Zach Campbell says:

His swing isn’t bad at all for his age. Bats a little heavy obviously but with that being said he’s still squaring up the ball. Keep doing work. bat sounds nice also

TardyB says:

he should be swinging a 31 drop 8

Yixuan Jia says:

the barrel is massive

Daniel Brandon says:

The swing is good, but check his hand path. They kind of find there way out and swoop around his body, which is going to result in the lack of outside coverage of the plate and more ground outs to the left side. Try to keep them in longer and it’ll go a long way. Trust me I know.

Jacob Wood says:

Yea u can’t blame him it’s a heavy bat I’m the same age as him and I swing a 32′ 29oz or 33′ 30oz and I weigh 80 pounds heavier than him and 9 inches taller so I don’t think his swing is that bad for that bat size and it’s probably more dynamic in game

Kid Flashy says:

The boy’s swing is legit! Do you guys know what size and weight of a U-16 player bat?

delcy28 says:

Thanks again for the great vid. I think he smoked some of those balls! Give him the 31 and he’s killing it! Thanks again.

Johnny Santo says:

great hitting and great bat but he needs to stay a little more balanced

JPGames27 says:

I wonder how hard it was to hit with his dad talking

schultzy 44 says:

Judge is 280 lbs

Merritt Scott says:

Why is he using a 33 inch

Brian Galvin says:

is this bat legal in Babe Ruth next year??

Pro Player says:

I want one so much, combats mean a lot to me

Ryan Muir says:

He just needs more balance and he’d be a stud

noah89m says:

that bat is to big for him I’m 5’11 and i use a 32 so if he’s only 5’2 definitely use a smaller bat

schultzy 44 says:

Bat’s sick

Mr. SnipeShow says:

Hey I need help I am a power hitter I hit a dinger with a Mako Beast and ever since that I have been in a little slump. I have an Easton S3 do you think I should use that or the S3 which one is better

C. Welch says:

Your vids are fun.  Makes me want to hit the cage with my son.  I had bought him the Louisville Slugger Prime in his last year of L. League.  Great bat!  Unfortunately with the new USA rules, the weight penalty on composite bats is significant and he’ll be jumping up a bit.  As such, I am thinking about getting him a Velo for next year.

RHINO more says:

Your son has a solid swing

finesse Wes says:

33 is way to big

pftofiga says:

Do they have that bat in a drop 10

Savage Patch Kidz says:

Not trying to hate but really a 30 drop 3. It might be heavy for him but it’s ok for me I swing a 31 drop 3 and I’m 5″4

Petey Montoya says:

He is unbalanced at the end of his swing

Daniel Castillo says:

Great channel for bat reviews i love it!!

VAS Solstice says:

Does anyone know some bats that are hot for highschool baseball?

Jisung Park says:

How tall is he

Brody Davis says:

Hey dude you see how small he is. He doesn’t need to be swinging a 33 inch bat. Like you said it’s his first year so maybe you should have gotten him a 31 inch bat. And if he is falling over like that after the swing than the bat is to heavy because the bat is like swinging him

schultzy 44 says:

I wish they weren’t so expensive though

Mike H. says:

Everyone’s a coach — don’t listen to the haters. As always, enjoy the clips. Keep ’em comin’.

A A Ron says:

Thanks for the vid, my son swings the youth drop 10 Maxum. Was wondering if they were going to continue making youth bats now with the new standards next year? Also has any bat company released any yet with the new little keague usa stamp? Thanks.

HustonHeat 12 says:

Is the batter in high school???
He looks way too small to be using a BBCOR bat!

cj Boudreaux says:

why dose it say easton in the title because easton and combat are diffrent companies!!!

Charlie Batho says:

Find it odd how everyone is saying the bat is too big, he’s putting the ball back up the middle, isn’t crowding the plate but isn’t too far away. He has a nice swing and looks comfortable and like he’s having fun. nice swing!

Adrian Martinez says:

How old is your son he looked way smaller before

Blaine Riddle says:

33 30 is pretty dam big for that kid

New_England_Times says:

My son loves his Combat and hunts them down on the Web. Lol. When he ropes one his teammates ask jokingly what’s up with that bat. Lol

delcy28 says:

Folks that bring up the transition from -10 to -8 to -5 to -3. Train with wood. My 11yo swings a 30/20 in games, trains with a 30/25 bamboo from Brett Bros (cheap plug). You can also pick up inexpensive older bats from eBay in different drops to transition. I picked up a CF5 drop 8 for 40 bucks and a 5150 drop 5 for 25 bucks. After that, it’s timing and pure hitting. – IMHO

James Kirkwood says:

Just some thing to suggest is that bat may be a little too big, I know the feeling of swinging a bigger, you feel like you swing faster but really your hands drop and your bat speed slows down

Kaid bob says:


Kaid bob says:

I actually think he is swinging that welp

Krenar Ziberi says:

im 5,2,

luke landin says:

He’s not bad considering he’s using a huge bat for his size

ChrisTheLizard says:

i always look forward to watching these videos

Samuel Rowland says:

I turned 12 4 months ago and I’m 5’8 135lbs and I swing a 32/27. Why does he swing a 33/30 with how small he is?

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