2018 Demarini CF ZEN and CF Insane Swing Speed Comparisons


Check the review of the bat at the above link.


Will Richardson says:

Where do you guys get all those banners of the brands

KillerCams101 says:

Can you tell us what App you’re using?

Pyloid says:

What’s the app?

Noah Marron says:

Nice vid

Stephen Mullen says:

What is the new standard for little league

Clayton Thompson says:

i’ve been waiting for this video

ashfamilyvideos says:

What app are you using to test ?

Justice Baltazar says:

He’s so off balance

Layton Trice says:

Can you guys compare a -5 cf zen and -5 cf 8

Russell Hunley says:

The bat is swinging him

Brian Jensen says:

Is the demo bat made to hit the tee or the ball??

Sohh says:

he swings as fast as i throw


iBad Scentless says:

What app is that

Savage Extream says:

The app is called zepp and you have to buy the knob thing for the app to work and if he is 14 he needs to get muscle and a faster swing

Sports Games 17 says:

Can you do a review of these bats

Dianna Cornette says:

When does the -10 and -8 zen come out?


What’s that app called and does it work for pitching

Sohh says:

wait so now the insane has the red tape now or am i just dumb?

Orza Got Ice says:

What app

Jerry Seinfield says:

You need to start doing these reviews with older kids who can actually swing the bat

Casper The Ghost says:

I’m looking for an endloaded bbcor bat but am not sure what I should get. I used a drop 5 Easton xl1 big barrel and really loved that bat but I’m now transitioning to bbcor. Any recommendations?

Enrique Lopez says:

This kid’s gonna twist his left ankle with his broke ass swing

Pam Patterson says:

Baseball or softball bat

Kaitlyn Caruso says:

Are you going to do a giveaway?

Rainbow Wolf says:

Hi I’m a new sunscriber

JForssGaming says:

If the bat is heavy just choke up and I think you could see how fast the velo can get up to

delcy28 says:

Do you people not know the point of these videos by now?

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