2018 Easton 4 Bat Box Opening: Speed, Ghost X and Ghost



Andrew Parker says:

I have the gray ghostx 31-8

Zak Alvarado says:

Can u still use 2 and a quarter

Gavin Parkhurst says:

10nth like

Ray Wasiela says:

Is the ghost baseball or softball

Kaos_ Hex says:

Hi I just wanna ask you a quick question. So I’m looking to buy the Easton speed but I’m 13 and I don’t know if I can use it next year because of the bat rules I play on big diamond if you can answer this question that would be awesome,Thank you 🙂

pingi223 says:

what do you know about the the usabats so far. price points? how will make the best bat?

Fleek Graphics says:

Can you use this with the new bat rules

Heeby Jeeby says:

Are these bats all approved for the 2018 bat rule

philsayamnet says:

USA Baseball certified for Little League/Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth/Pony(basically everything but USSSA)? There’s a metric shit ton of youth bats that need replaced before next season, THOSE are the bats I’m interested in.

DirtbikeDude 150 says:

Shaved bats. Com. They will not stop

David Lopez says:

in going to miss the mako and xl1 and all the 2013-2017 bats

scimitar4211 says:

How about a giveaway

Aldo Esquivel says:

2nd but ….

I’m still Gona say first

DirtbikeDude 150 says:

They will shave these bats to. To hit dingers

scimitar4211 says:


YAKUZA war says:

Man i want one of those soooo bad

M Conrad says:

You show these bats but I don’t see the new USA stamps on the barrel or handles – so these are NOT legal.

Enedelia Mendoza says:


Mike H. says:

I wanna see dad take some cuts in the cage!!

injustice King 13 says:


Brendan Kelley says:

Eastons trying too hard on the names, just go back to the s1 s2 s3 xl3 xl1 and mako

Cole Lambert says:


PeytonCaz DoesEverything says:


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