2019 Cat Composite Review | Marucci’s Two Piece


Our full review on the Marucci CAT Composite is above. This is a two piece composite bat made in a drop 5, 8 and 10 for the USSSA (Big Barrel space). It comes in a 2 3/4 barrel.


Dat Dude says:

the end cap reminds me of what Axe bat does with theirs. It looks very angled/one side on the end. Is this bat intended then to be hit on one side?

Fazendary says:

Nice vid

Bambleto Gucci says:

I saw the 2019 go sticks in a home run derby for the Bergen County tournament in New Jersey it was pretty cool hopefully I’ll see it hear

Trayvon Butler says:

2019 one piece -3 voodoo please I want to know if it is good or not

Corey Caygle says:

The hex connect was a composite 2 pc bat by marucci.

Matthew Casarez says:

Nice first comment

Nolan Kayton says:

I can’t find a 32-27

Adrian Keiser says:


Corey Caygle says:

The hex connect was a 2 pc composite bat.

Derik Dahl says:

He is trying to look like Javier Baez

Andrew Lunsford says:

Can u guys do vids on the new Easton bats please?

Born_at_short Baseball says:

Is this bat good in the cold

Cino says:

his load is going to hurt his swing once he faces faster pitches

Doggo Josh says:

What about hex connect

Jester435 says:

Marucci makes some gorgeous looking bats! excited to see this bat in person!

Johnathan MED-TRIP Molina says:

Ding ding ding…

Preston Crow says:

My friend had -8 cat composite and it cracked in his first tournament with it, and when he called marucci they said the cracking was part of the break in??? Is this correct?

Matt Linton says:

My son swings this in a -5 and it is a very hot bat. He’s hit it further than any other bat he’s tried. It is extremely balanced and the -5 feels like a -8 according to him. Great bat.

Nolan Kayton says:

They don’t need any construction on these videos. They are showing off the bats not the kids.

John J says:

Perceived feel means nothing IMO. The best hits, you don’t really feel anything if the connection piece is doing it’s job.

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