2019 Easton USA Bats | Little League World Series Bats

2019 Easton USA Bats | New Little League World Series Bats

In the regionals a lot of company bats are used. But, in the final brackets, the official “LLWS”, you’ll see Eason roll out their 2019 USA Bats.

2019 is the first year they are using the new standard bats. Should be fun to watch.


Gino Tamayo says:

Rawlings Quattro 2019 is hottest bat .. will kids be forced to use Easton bats ???

Tony Trofe says:

Initial impressions do you like the -10 2019 USA Zen over -10 2019 Easton Ghost Evolution? Wondering if the Paraflex+ is a noticeable improvement over last years.

Keith Boileau says:

That’s that Combat B2 baby blue!

Jimmy Pankowski says:

More trash

Freddy Wessel says:

2019 USA stamped DeMarinis ? I love DeMarini and next year I need a -9 USA stamped bat and I wanna see if they are any good.


Too bad I lost in reginals

LAD Fan says:

Do they still make USSSA?

Andrew Lunsford says:

Can you guys do a vid on the usssa 2019 Easton bats

Legendary_jc10 says:

Those bats are so sexy

xCDS says:

Wait is this a 225 field?

Christian C. says:

yeah i would like to see a usssa vid like this

Allen Mcdonough says:

So guys did easton figure it out? Please tell me it’s not like the grey and yellow bats.they were terrible.we I’ll be hitting with the zen hopefully this week.

Keith Boileau says:

haven”t seen these at the LLWS.

albert Cabello says:

Guess that “churro” added to the Hyperlite doesnt stop the dreaded hand sting @2:09
Hoping the EVO handles the vibration better

Diego Dumlao says:

How can i get bats sent to me

Booce1234 says:

We all know that wood bats are better, because you have to use your natural power, and the bat does not “help” you hit the ball farther and harder.

Leotta Simmons says:

i use the
cat 8

BeastGrizzly 95 says:

Can i get a free -3

Yixuan Jia says:

OMG, my favorite bat guys cooperating, hey Max i bought bat from you before!

Melissa Perez says:

is the beast speed hybrid worth getting?

xCDS says:

I’m getting the ghost x evolution red hopefully

The All father of death says:

Does anyone know what to do if i have elbow pain on the outside part of my arm its hurts a little when i throw and when i swing a bat its a sometime feels wierd i domt believe it to be my ucl cause its on the right side of my right arm please leave comments to help ….. NICE VID BTW

Icee Blood says:

I’m still using the xl3 -3 bbcor (one piece because it’s superior) and it’s still a beast

terrible_ty says:

Ghost all white – 3

Mike H. says:

Mad Max!!

MharckCruz says:

can you give me a softball bat for my sisters bday gift

Keith Boileau says:

Mad Max coming to you from……

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