2019 USA Bats | 27 Home Runs & A Special Guest

We take just about every 2019 USA Bat out for a spin in this video. We give you a run down of what we do and don’t like as well as a Cameo appearance by Mad Max from Closeoutbats (see his channel here)

2019 USA Bats: https://www.justbatreviews.com/usa-bat-reviews/

Closeoutbats Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqtF8-LuzPJgTDodNGVcG8A


Patrick Drury says:

I don’t like the red

Daniel Mejia-Reza says:

who’s the special guest

Twitch Mav says:

i’d piss over this field

Sterling_ Phantom says:

Don’t comment much though

Mike H. says:

Really hoped we’d see Mad Max take a few cuts! Get it …

Mackey P says:

Word y’all are in jersey aye

Jeff Simpson says:

When will the results be posted from this video? Looked on website and only saw last years results

Darla Hockley says:


Mr.Smalls says:

Lol ur so rich

Chxrl3s. _ says:

ik right wen i heard the “MAD MAX COMIN!!!”

Christian C. says:

will you be doing a vid like this but for usssa bats ?

Flip One says:

Awesome video

Mason Norris says:

what’s the app you were using to measure the distance of the hit

Sterling_ Phantom says:

Hey love your vids

Bambleto Gucci says:

I Hit with the bear a few months ago in the Bergen charity classic in New Jersey and I saw mad Max there a cool

John Meyers says:

You need to do this again but bring the USSSA counter parts and compare the differences between them. This would be good to see/hear about.

Jester435 says:

mad max is great!

Nick Slogik says:

How old are the kids?

Easton Coleman says:

Are you gonna make a video like this on the usssa bats

FaZe_skillz 21 says:

I just bought from mad max last week

Maxo Beats says:

If possible could you guys review the adidas aeroburner comp -3

FaZe_skillz 21 says:


Nathan Herberger says:

Daddy’s money

Giovanni Valerio says:

Where do u get all the bats from

Mr.Smalls says:

Do a giveaway

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