Axe 2017 Baseball Bats

Axe baseball bats feature specially designed handles that support your most natural and efficient movement through the hitting zone. The Hyperwhip endcap allows more weight to be distributed to the barrel so you’ll swing with improved balance and bat speed. These bats also decrease the risk of hand injuries. The future of hitting is one-sided! Shop Axe baseball bats at Baseballsavings!


Johnny .Bravo says:

I hate these handles. Don’t believe any5hing about more power. It’s just a way to get your money out of your pocket and I to theirs. By an aluminum or composite bat and it’s the same year to year. Just the colors change. Forget the hype. Hype doesn’t do anything but get your kids nagging for a new bat.

sam shook says:

are any of them usssa certified?

Jonathan Ruiz says:

all these damn bats, I swear. I’m just sticking to wood bats

mireille dinelle says:

ou peut ton l’essayer sur le terrain

Mars says:

Which model is great for power?

Jake Masterson says:

Yup and when you go to wood you don’t know what to do. Hell no im not using that

XOmar Perez says:

So can you send me any one if you have any spare ones

Kody Mcclory says:

for more homeruns what should i get

Tristan Perry says:


Noabon says:

have you ever wondered why nobody uses axe bats?

XOmar Perez says:

Do you think you could send me a bat because I can’t afford a regular bat so can you think about it please

Puhf says:

That bat would lose pop too quick, u hit it in the same spot every time

Luke Klooster says:

and the one side that your hitting on is going to crack if you spend a good amount of time with it

Apoc goodman says:

this is MLB legal, but throwing some cork in the middle of a wooden bat isn’t?

Whitt Joyce says:

Why would you want to hold it up n your palm ?

Finn Meehan says:

I use the yellow one

XxXxXxXx says:

“Ball punishing pop”

Paul LaMere says:

don’t you think if you hit the ball in the same spot on the bat that the bat will wear quicker cause you can only hold this bat one way as a regular bat every time its a different spot

Sharpshark83 says:

He says that you hold the bat with your palm your are supposed hold it with your fingers

Mr. Mr. Bird says:

I am definetly going to have to get one after seeing this

Blake Mosley says:

an I able to get the first one with blue because I’ve seen each color is a different one

Ricky Stewart says:

This is interesting

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