Best BBCOR Bats 2019 | Testing Days & Some Results

Here is the longer write up of the best 2019 BBCOR Bats:

Here’s a link to the raw data, among other things, that we charge $10 for:


godwhales345 White says:



Rip demarini

Gomez Gomez says:

What is the better bat: voodoo one, 5150, or omaha?

Baseball G.O.A.T says:

Do you where I can get the 2016 cf8 31/23

Steve Lang says:

Question.. How similar is BBCOR performance to the USA Stamped bats? I wonder how the USA standard bats would perform in this excact same test.

PingWongKimJr says:

Is the 2018 Quatro a nice bat?

Tommy Vlogs says:

How tf are you affording all this

Wes Marion says:

Do yoi have data on the Louisville Prime

Ryan B says:


Cayden Vanname says:


Mike H. says:

The “best” answer is always the most expensive. Probably lends towards today’s marketing & consumerism unfortunately. Too bad there isn’t a way to remove the bat label & just go with the “best feel”. Ultimately it’s what produces on the field that counts.

I know these aren’t swing analysis videos but I’m curious as to what bats these players actually use in the games & what leads to the most production.

I’m obsessed with bats in general & after coaching for 10+ years I’ve realized … it’s the player & not the bat. A great hitter can hit with anything. With that said – I’m jealous of the gang at Bat Digest & their access to all these goodes!

Ansr7 says:

what’s a better bat louisville slugger omaha 518 or 2019 rawlings 5150?I’m in thst debate

aron rosas says:

what pitching machine r u using

David Barnes says:

How did he like to Solo bbcor.. Is it light but has no pop or anything like that? All the reviews just talks about it being the lightest swingweight. Only videos of reviews or actually hitting with it are either college guys or a kid hitting softtoss

Matthew Turner says:

Just out of curiosity. What age and size are the boys? Great swings.

Ari S-E says:

Thoughts on the 919 and Zen?

BatReviewsCo says:

What hit harder quatro or velo

dh31409 says:

Ouch to the pocketbook.

Mason Wyant says:

Looking for a new bat and i was looking at the demarini voodoo balanced what do you think about it?

Daniel Medina says:

How does he get all the bats

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