Best USA Bats 2019 Cage Side Results

You can see our best USA bats write up here:

7 Best USA Bats we hit the FARTHEST (2019/2018)

Here is one of the favorites from the video: (affiliate)

It covers both the 2019 and inaugural 2018 class. In short, there are a lot of good bats. Which, we guess, is another way of saying there really isn’t a standout bat. The standard has really shortened the gap between the winners and losers.


Shane Fowler says:

Good stuff! The Hot Metal….other than the Grip tape not being liked how did it do in other words? Pop, Swing speed, sting, ECT.

I Like Memes says:

Quattro is still the best

Kaulana Renaud says:

What sizes are the bats. I get that they were a -10 and the Solo a -11 but wondering what the length of the bats are. Curious about the 5150 performance too

Millertime 1012 says:

Glad to see the first kid liked the Beast Speed. That’s probably what we are going with. Did you (Dad) happen to swing it? If so, will you share your thoughts? Thanks, great channel!

martinowski21 says:

Have you guys ever done a review on a “warstic” bat?

gholts777 says:

Cant decide between the rawlings quatro or easton beast x revolution 29/19 -10 my son is 8 almost 9 any opinions


I love watching this channel to see what bat I should buy ty

Eleazar Mauricio says:

I was really hoping the Axe was “sting free”. My son loses all confidence when the bat bites his hands, I wonder if the Avenge One stings less; being alloy.

Joseph Fischer says:

What did you guys think about the prime 919?

Baseball G.O.A.T says:

Another question does the cf zen usssa sound hollow like the cf8 or the -5 from 2017

Alex Jang says:

Can you do a review of the 2019 Demarini Cf Zen Black

Taco Tuesday says:

Do a review on the 2019 axe origin hyper speed USA bat that bat is only $130 and it has more pop that most usssa and bbcor bats I love the bat and I hit dingers with it I’m 11 and go the 30/20 size it’s a beast and I highly recommend it

Baseball G.O.A.T says:

Do you prefer the easton ghost x evolution or the demarini cf zen black usssa

The R boys Subscribe and you’ll be happy says:

Please subscribe

Knockzilla says:

I was looking to purchase a 2018 or 2019 Anderson Centerfire USA bat for my son, any reviews coming for these?He turns 7 in a few months and used the Combat Maxum -11 and the Marucci F5 -10 during summer and fall but now needs a USA bat for pony league (8u). Several players on the team are also looking for good bats.

gholts777 says:

Is the Rawlings quatro the hottest in your opinion

Chris Patterson says:

What bat is better in your opinion ghost x evolution or the Quattro of the 2019 bats my boy is 5 ft 3 140 lbs

Todd Meadows says:

I see your son liked the 719. Is there much difference between the USA 718 and 719, other than paint job? We have the 718. Was wondering if it was worth the money to upgrade 1 year. Thanks in advance.

Baseball G.O.A.T says:

Do one but with usssa bats

CamperTony says:

What a great review. Thanks!

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