Cage Side Hitting of the 618, 718 & Voodoos USABats

Raw Exit Speed Data

is where you can find the full set of raw data.

Our commentary on the data is found here:


keith says:

So if I follow the link correctly ,I have to pay 10.00 for the data ? If that’s the case I will never purchase anything from your company.

John Harkins says:

Can you link to the exit speeds, I can’t seem to find them on the blog.

D Jarns says:

How did the voodoo balance compare to the Beast in the new USA bats? Those are the two I am deciding between for my son.

Mark Motter says:

These videos are awesome. Thanks for doing them! How does the barrel size of the Beast X Hybrid compare to the Voodoo Balanced?

John Harkins says:

You should mix in a Maxum and a Mako and a Cf Zen into the mix

Owen Judge says:

Thanks I’ve been waiting for ever to see this video

Dat Dude says:

Mizuno USA ones coming up soon? Curious to see how their hybrids do, like the Covert

Jake Bennett says:

First and btw love your vids so helpful

I Newton says:

Mako Beast was disappointing last year. Done with the 2-piecers. Is Marucci bringing out a USA!#$@ “cat 7”? What about COMBAT is it back after shutdown? Seems some wont have their bats out until mid Jan. Otherwise we will probably go with Rawlings or LS.

delcy28 says:

I’m with Harkins. I’d like to see the new vs the older bats. We have a Combat 52 Cal that holds its own with Maxum, LS 918, etc. CF7 vs CF Zen would be fun.

DirtbikeDude 150 says:

All teams shave bats to hit far. Bat shaving service . Com look it up they all cheat. Fat boys with shaved bats

Jsparrow350 says:

Think I will go with the 2 piece voodo for my 10yr old. There are other bats that I like, but I don’t want him losing consierable bat speed with a -5. Going to put as many bats as we can in hand, but this looks like the one to me. We both like the -5 axe, but I think that might be too much for him.

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