CF ZEN vs Easton MAKO Beast: Cage Side Comparisons


Jonny Hatch says:

I have both bats, the beast is better

Louie Zitofsky says:

i love both bats

Stephen Armandi says:

That bat looked 50 lbs too heavy for that kid

Simple DIYr says:

what are those measurement rings and where can I get them?

BlazingPhoenix HD says:

I like the zen more

JT Raab says:

Please do a hitting video of the BBCOR 917 Louisville Slugger


Tell that kid not drop his shoulders when he swings he tends to uppercut it almost like a golf swing

Gabe Patterson says:

I have used 1 piece composite bats and I always like 1 piece.But I can’t buy a really expensive bat so what would you recommend for a big hitter that likes 1 piece composite bats?

AC Fishing says:

don’t forget, marucci hex connect

Dovido says:


Sam Mas says:

Swing is so trash

Ken Elyon says:

cf zen did better though lol

AC Fishing says:

marucci hex alloy is a GREAT BAT, don’t leave it out.

Viizion Dynasty says:

Just a tip have your hands go straight to the ball not under it besides a very good swing for a kid your age!

delcy28 says:

how does the marucci connect compare?

Zach upright 08 says:

The beast is terrible for bbcor

Alex Raya says:

how does the bbcor 33/30 cat 7 connect compare?

jaxon estes says:

Easton copied the bigger barrel from Combat B2 because I own a combat B2 and its like 10 years old. Also if anyone is looking for a bat buy the Combat B2 big barrel because it is the hottest bat that has ever been sold

Louie Zitofsky says:

for me when you hit with the beast it feels like the ball trampolines wright of it

Halo man says:


christr11 says:

Try the marucci hex connect, and tell me what you think.

ivan Chavez says:

What are ur kids favorite bats that they have ever had in any drops in senior league baseball bats Andrade says:

Selling any bats

Colton Frisbie says:

Can I have the cf zen bbcor

Tom Russo says:

How is the new Marucci hex connect compared to this ?

Mike H. says:

Love the reviews! How do you afford to test & demo all these bats?

Barry Allen says:

What drop is the zen?

Rob Torres says:

What brand batting cage are you using? Or is it something you designed?

Xavier Venegas says:

Just a question what do you do with all the bats you test? Do you sell some like the BBCOR or give them away (wink wink).

Ken Elyon says:

you can’t really say one bat is better than the other unfortunately

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