Easton Mako 2016 Review

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Daniel Mejia says:

The xl3 is the same

brandon thehypebeast says:

Do a review on the Velo

Tyrone Studios says:

Dude, your on the storm, I’m on the olney all stars, we play in the same league, are you 14u?

William Finn says:

Always great videos from you, buddy. Thanks. I have a question. Do you think your MAKO got the rattle and broke because of using too much for practice? Were you using it with machine dimple balls? I’m wondering this because I just got my son one of those and I’m hesitant to let him use it in the cage with the yellow balls. What do you know on the subject?

Sham Coon says:

I got an Easton mako torq for 120

Ryan Iberer says:

I got mine for $140…

Thee Legend says:

my Easton mako 2016 has a rattle as well it got me so mad, I switched to demarini

Jack Sisson says:

this kid fuckin gets it

Jen Montimurro says:

I got the 2014 mako for 100 dollars

baseball.9 says:

Can u please make a glove collection with your friend who has the custom pp

Gavin Wright says:

i got a bbcor same bat for 100 dollars brand new because they were going out of buisness

Isaac Quiroz's Gaming says:

Should I buy the torque ?? For 299??

Ben Weiss says:


Jackpeys05 says:

I got mine for 75 bucks

Casen Ferment says:

whats great then?

Jack Sisson says:


aaron romero says:

Can someone tell me what exactly horween leather is.

Casen Ferment says:

got it for 125 new

Ashley Gilstrap says:

Are you going to get the 2016 Rawlings velo

VinnyBernaYT says:

I got mine for two hundred bucks

The Glove Guys says:

I got my Youth Mako for 150 on Amazon

Rebecca Bresser says:

+TBC my son got this bat for 200 dollars

Davis Schiller says:

Earned a sub

Jack Sisson says:

what is the best bbcor bat for a power hitter?

Jesus Favela says:

What do you think about the new louisville bats? And also the demarini m2m and 2012 voodoo?

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