Ghost X USABat vs Rawlings Quatro USABat Exit Velocity Test


Patrick Kanipe says:

Thanks JBR! Didn’t see a donation section on your page but did buy a hat! Everyone wants to see more USA data. Definitely interested in the Ghost Hyperlite’s EV too!

Isaiah F says:

Do you think ball exit speed tends to be higher on a grounder vs. a pop fly, to me that would explain the difference in ball exit speed/distance.

Tony Ford says:

This is by far the COOLEST bat comparison video out there. I loved it! The homerun videos are cool too, but this is a lot more informative in my opinion. Please make more videos like these!!!!!

Kenny Karber says:

Are the baseballs full grain leather??

kapahi15 says:

Nice good info…I found it helpful….

ohiobaseballchannel says:

The Quatro still hit the ball 33 feet further on average.

Michael Stavalone says:

Another interesting point is that the quatro traveled on average 168ft vs the Ghost @ 135ft. Interesting that the Ghost had the higher exit speed but the Quatro traveled farthetr

Tony Ford says:

Would really like to see a comparison video of the Axe Element USAbat and the Demarini Voodoo hybrid USabat. Would also be neat to see a comparison video of a USAbat vs a USSSA bat like the Mako vs Ghost

Gus Bus says:

Can U do a video on the demarini voodoo balanced USA bat

Chemical_Waddles says:

I like how that Quatro sounds

Richard Lee Cabrera Jr. says:

Neck to neck seems like… would it be agreeable to say that the ghost x drop 8 would have better distance results compared to ghost x drop 10?

Misha_PlaysBaseball says:

The quatro is doing so good for me

Big Money says:

That dude hitting is trash

Eugene D says:

The ghost x are terrible bats. I spent 700 bucks for 2 bats a 27 inch for my 8 year old and a 30 inch for my 12 year old. if these are going to be the best bats for little league next year then they have ruined Little League and whereas we had about 20 to 30 home runs in the League last year it’s going to be somewhere between 2 and 5 this year, horrible. players had better learn how to bunt and steal base to get there doubles this year.

Chris Corley says:

Awesome, I’ve been waiting on a review/ test of the USA bat standard Rawlings Quatro! Thanks for both of the videos today.

John H says:

What exit velocity does this hitter have with a USSA bat? It would be cool to see the raspodo showing the difference

kapahi15 says:

11/21/17 just got the Quatro 30/20…grab the bucket lets do this…..

Bobby Kins says:

What is the name of that info device, and where can it be purchased? Ty

Cisco Fajardo says:

The Ghost 0.7 mph exit velocity advantage seems like a small margin when compared to the Quatro distance +33ft and launch angle advantage +10 degree. I agree exit velocity is important, but, I would rather see a line drive that travels further than a slightly harder hit ground ball that’s snagged by the SS. Nice work and thanks for showing the analysis.

DirtbikeDude 150 says:

They get them shaved to hit far. Bat shaving Look it up all travel ball teams use these. And ur home town kids use these shaved bats also. Ha. Ha. Ur secret is out to the world.

Ken Gaska says:

I wonder what an Orange Mako would do in this comparison. Some of those things are ferocious. Thanks for all the info!

Alex Mejia says:

@ just bat reviews. Thank u for the info. This has definitely been helpful when deciding on the bat for my son. I appreciate all the work with the videos. Keep them coming

Joseph Masaniai says:

Anything on the new mizuno ghost usa ??

Donald Easton-Brooks says:

Hey sir. I ran an unpair t-test on your numbers and found that there was not a statistically significant difference in the bats’ exit speeds. However, what I found was that the variation exit speed of the Easton (sd=5.35) was greater than the variation of the Rawlings (sd=3.24). What this means is that the individual exit speeds hovered around the total mean more for the Rawlings than the Easton. This suggest that the Rawling had more consistent exit speeds. Looking at a F-test, a measurement of statistical significants between variates of the two bats.. The findings shows that the difference is the SD of the two bats is lower that 2.40. It is hard to explain why 2.40 (i.e. F-value distribution table), but please just trust me on this. So, this suggest that the Rawling a statistically more consistent than the Easton. However, this can be bias as there was only one batter. We can not say this holds true for everyone, but I can say for your son, this suggest that your son hit the Rawling with a more consistent exit speed than he did the Easton. When I look at how bats work for my sons, I look at exit speeds and consistency. For what it is worth.

Owen Pridgen says:

Will you also be doing other bats such as LS, demarini Axe and Mizuno. Also interested in -8 results.

Scott Warner says:

LOVE the video.  Here is my take on the data.  The data shows that the batter made more solid contact with the Quatro with 10 hits on the screen being over 60.0 MPH exit speed vs. 7 hits over 60 mph on the Ghost X.    The  Ghost X also shows more hits to the Right than the Quatro but on either side they were mostly just off center.  Mathematically speaking, higher exit speed combined with launch angle gets more distance.  If the launch angle was the same on the Ghost as the Quatro……..that changes the distance issue.  Great video though.

Damon Brown says:

Some sources are reporting that the marucci wood bats are outperforming the new usa bats in the distance that the ball travels. I know that several factors play in this, but would wood be better than the new usa bats?

Jacob Adrian says:

Will you do some 5150

Casey Cowburn says:

Thanks for this review. The rapsodo data is great to see. Is there a way you can export the data and share it. People are mentioning the additional difference of the quatro, but there are too many variable to consider. True analysis should be off a tee to eliminate inconsistent variables. Also, I think there is a matrix that can compile all factors and give a rating, much like the Blast Motion index which compiles multiple factors. I think with a little work with some math folks we could create more of a standard output to apply across all uses and bats (within comparable categories of course).

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