Illegal Bat Review: Combat B2 DaBomb Cage Side Hitting

One of our most favorite hits of all time. Crazy pop and illegal in most leagues.


usballgloves says:

I saw a 31/26 b1 da bomb I know u said it would not be as good but would it still be better than paying 200 for a mako

Jr B says:

I’m 11 years old and have hit it 295 on a 300 fence with the 2015 Easton mako 2 1/4 bat that bat has a lot of pop and I’m strong but I’m getting the 2017 Easton mako beast 2 3/4 for travel ball definitely looking forward to it

Michael Walters says:

miken ultra still takes the cake

Baseball For life says:

1 st

Rory Gannon says:

That is how I got home runs in Dixie youth

Chris Corley says:

Any idea what the new bat standard will be in 2018?

CameronB 72 says:

I use a Combat 😛


I use that bat in travel baseball and I hit 4 HRs on a 275 fence when I’m 11

Javel Bosque says:

whats the smallest size you have for the b2 da bomb

John H says:

What was the exit speed to this? Compared to the maxum

luke naranjo says:

1,000 view 🙂

Mike Duryea says:

2:21 Wild Pitch ?

Kaos_ Hex says:

i got the bat and im 12 and play in little league and somehow it is not illegal for my league. but im not complaining i love that bat.

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