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Tucker Rogers says:

how is the adidas rocketballz?? thinking about getting this season for my senior year or high shcool ball but as of now the LS prime 916 is my number one option

Trick shot mania says:

Do you like the marruci hex bat

luke delpriore says:

b1’is better than b2

Brady Wilcox says:

How much is the blue DEMARINI voodoo overload

maizewolverine says:

Do you have a Rawlings 5150 and if so what do you think of it

Ryan Carroll says:

Review the Marucci cat7 then ill buy it off u

Caleb Gaines says:

What size are the prime 916 I will the buy the bat if it is a big barrel -5

Lebron Tizon says:

can’t you give me one bat pls

Tyler Thornton says:

I’ll take anyone you’d like to give

Brody Mangis says:

Can I have one of your cf8 greens

Dillon Sullivan says:

Easton Stealth XL was the best bat I ever swung hands down

Max Garcia says:

I have to get a bbcor bat but I’m having trouble finding a good one for me have any recommendations thinking about getting the Easton zcore white out

Tyler Thornton says:

I’ll pay

JGL GAMING _234 says:

how long. is shipping

Jojo Kotrotsios says:

would u be willing to sell a drop -5 for about 150

Kenna Altmeyer says:

would you be willing to sell the cf8 -5 or cf8 -8?

2sports talk says:

hey text me on Instagram _kingme4

Ann Toschka says:

Hey, so I basically just startet playing softball while I was in the US as a foreign exchange student. Now I am playing back home (In germany) and I noticed, that there is literally no way to get a good softball Bat in Germany (the sport itself is super unpopular). Do you have any recommendations for a bat? I’m 16 years old. Thank you so much! Also, if you have any Ideas where to get Softball bats in Germany, it would be very appreciated.

Rock Star says:

i buy the rip_ it i love those bats i love big barrler

baseball max says:

are you giving any away

jacian emile says:

can u have eston or a demerinia

Andrew Ruddock says:

were do u guys live

Andrew Ruddock says:

were do u guys live

Tyler Vaughn says:

i have a combat bubba and i have cracked it in 2 places. i dont throw it around like most people who have cracked theirs do. just straight up cracked when i hit the ball.

Ivan Chavez says:

and wich has more pop the maxum or cf8 -8

Michael Hill says:

Are any of your wood bats for sale

Cole Mumm says:

could I have a mako please I would love it 8f you gave one too me and nice bat collection

Skate Life says:

what about the neon green 2016 demarini (can’t remember the name of it)

Christian Wilson says:

How much do u want for the B1 Da Bomb. And is is a drop 3?

Elijiah Gonzales says:

how many b2 do you have left if you do

Eddie Soltys says:

Can I buy the first bat the voodoo

Anime4 Mii says:

if i using those bats im gonna buy just a plain tennis ball why baseball well usually injure a kid down

Hustle 00117 says:

Can I buy 1 or 2

1uk3 miller says:

Will u sell any -3/-5 bats to me 31in

supa stan says:

why dont you do a huge bat spiral thing?

Dylan Parker says:

put that shit away the 2014 mako orange easton is the best bat in the world

Alberto Cantalini says:

do you have a tz 2.0 anderson? if you do can you do a review of it

TheFGamer says:

that are alot of bats

Lane Duke says:

Can I buy the CF-7

Haygen Fleming says:

What about a good Woden bat

gary anderson says:

That’s amazing tood

Matthew Becker says:

Try the Louisville slugger MLB Prime C271 I just got it I love it

Dannette Haywood says:

would you sell your cf7 or cf8

Aaron Leatherwood says:

he man im comin up to high school ball and i dont got a bat you think you can give me one for a cheap price. and if not i understand.

Ivan Chavez says:

what is ur sons top three best bats that they like out of the whole collection

Joe H. Mendoza says:

How much do you think all the bats COST

Colby James says:

Have any drop 5

Sylvia Daniel says:

May I have one

34matt17 _ says:

What size are the s1 Easton and the XL you have

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