Rawlings VELO USAbat vs Easton Ghost USAbat



Braden 17Remington says:

People complain about these USA bats but they make you better, once you get to bbcor you will miss these kinds of bats, just how it should be, you need to work for a homerun not just hit it on the Sweet spot

ccuriel21 says:

Comparing these 2 bats is wrong when you should compare composite to composite. It should be the Rawlings Quatro vs Easton Ghost and Rawlings Velo vs Easton Beast being they are both alloy barrels

Owen Judge says:

I think you should do exit velocities off a tee. I think it would be more fair that way. The kid would sometimes foul the ball off a couple times, but then with the other bat, he would hit a shot. Exit velocities are better. I suggest use the voodoo new USA bat hybrid vs the composite bats, or quatro vs ghost x. I want to see the voodoo because I like the feel of hybrids, but always went to composites for more pop. So want to know if they have similar performance Can I get the bat I like the feel of and save 50-100 dollars.

tj boylan says:

How can you compare a -12 to a -10 they hit differently by the weight

I Hate YouTube says:

I feel like i could bunt and it would go over the fence

K C says:

Unless thiskid is 8 this was useless, No offence, 150 feet and seen his other reviews. Everyone, just use a wood bat, they are better and go farther than the new bats. If you insist, just use the $45 Rawlings Raptor. From last years Beast at 240 feet to barely 200, and only occasionally. Wood bats outperform new USABATS Raptor outperforms Ghost X too. hit them on a field, not in a cage, they sound and feel good in the cage, but do not perform on the field

Gaming TV says:

the 2017 version velo has an awesome pop no sting i have the 32/29

Manuel Rosales says:

Exactly which model is the Easton bat? I know that there is a hyperlight version right?

devil cow 20 says:

Ghost vs Quatro

KillerCams101 says:

I’d be curious to see how the two piece composite velo stacks against the ghost.

DirtbikeDude 150 says:

Did u get it shaved yet like all the rest of cheater bats

John H says:

You should document exit velo, that would be a better indicator of bat performance.

Richard Lee Cabrera Jr. says:

Yes do the Quatro

oDarlyyyn says:

Ball going at 50 mphs on a 200 feet filed and he can’t get it out

Baseball life says:


Joseph Masaniai says:

Will you guys be doing a review of the mizuno ghost usa bats?

Brian Conceicao says:

Great video, would love to see the ghost against the Quatro!!

SuPa Clan says:

I have a drop 5 velo I hit 9 homerun alreadu

Kaulana Renaud says:

@justbatreviews Thank you for the comparison of 2 bats that are on opposite ends of the price range

Casey Cowburn says:

Would love to see the comparison to the Quatro. Max from Closeout Bats said he was impressed by the pop in their USABat version. Would love to see an exit velocity and homerun comparison!

Dingers4days says:

But great video!!! If you love baseball say amen!!!!

Luke Kennedy says:

This field brings back memories from when I played in 3rd grade

I Newton says:

Mako Beast wore out too fast last year. Pass on Ghost. Will wait to see what LS and some others bring out in Jan.

sleepymalosgv says:

Try the beast vs the ghost

Kaulana Renaud says:

@justbatreviews Could you do a comparison between the Easton Beast X USA bat and the Velo USA bat or 5150 USA bat? The only other info that I’d like to know is the size of the bats and if the Easton bat is end loaded or balanced like the Velo and 5150

Owen Judge says:

What I learned from this is that the Demarini voodo hybrid bat is 100 dollars less than the ghost, will be more balanced, will be hot out the wrapper, from what I saw from this will have similar pop, and won’t sting your hands. Maybe I like demarinis

Richard Johnson says:

Awesome, thanks, pop is about the same minus the sting and price, quatro quatro

Alex Martinez says:

I’ve played on that field and hit 3 bombs in 2 games when I was 10. It’s in like Bountiful, Utah I think.

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