USABat vs USSSA bat home run derby EASTON Ghost x comparison



JPGames27 says:

What is the standard for the USA bat

David Forbes says:

Really like to see that comparison add a wood bat, to see how “Wood like performance” the USA bat really is. Stinks that everyone has to buy a new bat now and for the most part only the high end stuff will be out for a while, but thank god the juiced bat error is over… should make everyone use wood. High performance bat, just means fake talent, if talent were measured by home-runs.

scimitar4211 says:

My 9 year old son is using the AXE Origin 30 22oz bat and its definitely hot. The baseballs are just screaming off his hits. I’m not getting another brand after buying this one

Conrad Gutierrez says:

I got the ghost x usssa bat 31/21

Nick Lewis says:

Wood bats have less pop than USA and I hit 280 ft bombs with all bats so it don’t matter for me

Luis Miron says:

Great video thank you for sharing

Matthew Miles says:

Do you personally prefer the marucci cat 7 or demarini cf zen

Clifton Silva says:

Will you be doing reviews on the other bats as well? LS or Demarini? At this point, do you think composite is superior to alloy? Awesome video!

Layton Trice says:

Can you guys do an old little league bat comparison with the new USA bat

Elton Teng says:

It used to be that Easton robbed the parents with expensive crappy bats made out of “airplane grade aluminum” and nice paint job. Now they rob everyone with these awful bats.

I actually don’t mind toning down the bats as I saw enough Mako-wielding (and otherwise un-talented) 9/10/11/12 year-old kids hit rocket grounders that roll all the way to the fence for cheap home runs. LL/Pony could have toned down the hits by only allowing the aluminum bats. My feeling is that the national organizations colluded with the manufacturers to make everyone change bats. You guys have to remember that 1) we won’t be able to buy used bats this year and 2) there will be more QA issues because manufacturers have to come up with hundreds of thousands of bats.

Patrick Kanipe says:

great… you get to pay $200+ for junk now. I’m thinking the best bet is just to get a Rawlings USA 5150 ($99) and be done with it.

Chris W says:

it is not about the bat, it’s about the batter, if u let this kid use the usssa bat and an older kid use the USA bat, the USA bat would kill the ghost X

Dean Martin says:

Is the ghostX the new mako

Spectre Recon says:

And you guys are at altitude. Take that bat and go to sea level and it becomes even more of a dud bat. I bet he couldn’t hit it out of the 225′ parks in California. USA bats suck. I am so glad we are done with little league. Corruption and greed is what it’s about. Less performance for more money. Now little league games are going to be very boring. Who benefits from a new bat standard? Follow the money trail.

Tommy Gusto says:

How/Where did you get the Easton USA Bat? I’ve been trying to buy one.

Richard Johnson says:

Nice work, can you do the same comparison on the easton gost x usa, rawlings quartro usa and the demarini voodoo usa bats, with that little slugger you got , to help us parents out here, apples to apples 30/20 to 30/20 or equivalent, thanks that would be greatly appreciated

Trace Brunk says:

That’s a tiny field even for Little League

Ace Webb says:

I’ve played your son before on the bigger field in that complex.
I play on the Idaho falls spikes

IAmbeast 123 says:

Will I be able to us a USA bat in fall ball

Cisco Fajardo says:

Kid was raking out there!! Often in the cage these can all look like bombs. So thanks for heading out to the field to show the comparison of how the ball travels off each bat. Nice setup guys, keep up the good work.

Gino Tamayo says:

Great video .. is that usssa ghost similiar to beast or more balanced and light ??

Matthew Burciaga says:

I think you should do a further review on the bats as your son using them in the cage or whatever, so they are showing the bats well its broken in good.

Mitch Behrle says:

USA bats suck

Joe Klein says:

stance reminds me of harper

BaseBallReviews says:

I’m still confused what is the difference between usssa and USA bats

Richard Lee Cabrera Jr. says:

Do u think Easton will be the way to go with the new USA stamped bats? Not Dimarini or LS?

nico sullivan says:

he bats like bryce harper

Gotch 71 says:

Nice post.. I guess the days of daddy going out and buying the best bat for the most pop is over… I like that the playing field will be more even for the kids.

ZenX Squad says:

Do the insane vs zen hr derby

Dingers4days says:

This really shows the difference between these two rules it also shows the effect that even bbcor had on high school baseball even though he doesn’t talk about bbcor. This is a really nice video showing that.

Lee Berry says:

I’d be interested to see an exit speed comparison usa vs usssa. Exit speed could show the actual difference and give a quantifiable idea of the distance lost with the new bats.

Flipper Boi20 says:

Are those bats big barrel

mc robinson says:

The USA bat sounds more composed then the USSSA bat

YUKMOUTH559 says:

Is that barrel standard for little league!? Man I wish I had that big of a barrel back in my day maybe I wouldn’t have went through 12 bats either dented or cracked every Easton model thank god for warranty!

delcy28 says:

Not sure if longer is better. we did one of these with 31″ bats and 29″ bat, the HR went over with the 29. bat speed would be my guess. Nice job on this as usual.

schultzy 44 says:

Luckily I don’t have to deal with this and swing bbcor

•lil pump says:

So it’s just a lighter bbcor

David Lane says:

Could you do a 2 3/4 vs 2 1/4 comparison? My observation is both can hit big, but there are way more slow grounders and easy pop flies with a 2 3/4. Once age allows the talent on the fielding teams to catch up, those 2 3/4 grounders and pops are outs ever time. It seems a kid may go down swinging with a 2 1/4, but he’s gonna get on base more often with harder hits (to the fence or over the fence). Test my theory! (bonus test: Same weight bat, does the 2 3/4 big barrel slow bat speed over a 2 1/4?)

IAmbeast 123 says:

When will I be able to purchase a USA Bat

Jason Perez says:

I know in going to sound like an A-hole to some but that kid has a decent swing, not a good one. The bats are going to do what they are meant to do and stop these kids with bad swings from thinking they are better than they are. Making them work at their craft. I hate seeing kids with bad swings think they hit bombs with the zens and other hot bats when the same swing with a wood bat or similar bat they would use in the pros would be an easy pop fly.

Ann Price says:

wonder how long it took to get that intro

Carson Onderko says:

can you use either of these models next year in pony league

SouR Skitz says:

Bbcor vs wood?

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