What Is The BEST and HOTTEST Baseball Bat Right Now?

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In today’s video, Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training discusses the best and hottest baseball bat on the market right now. This is a hot topic in today’s game due to the new USA Baseball Bat Standard that took effect in January.

Many players (depending on their age and league) are forced to purchase a new baseball bat under this new standard.

In this video, we’ll discuss the best, hottest, and most popular bat right now. More importantly, we’ll discuss whether or not getting an expensive baseball bat is the right option for you. We’ll also go through a few other baseball hitting tips to maximize your success at the plate.

Apply these hitting tips to your game and you’ll see instant improvement.




Bryson Long says:

Trout because he’s been playing the game longer and is a more experienced player and has done this thousands of times

Yitzhack Ramírez Quirós says:

Can you upload a video about drills for hitting against fast pitchers?

Marvin Heyboer says:

“moral of the story” isn’t the phrase your intending. “The point of this video is…” Is the phrase you really mean. There isn’t a moral in this video! Okay, it’s the English college minor in me, but it’s correct.

Steve Brown says:

As a coach if the other team pinch hits with Mike Trout I’m thrown the b.s. flag!

paisely pashkevich says:

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Gene Hatfield says:

the Cutch22 pro model is my go to

Brian Torres says:

Would you ever host a softball game with some subscribers ?

collectorsrus428 says:

Thank you Coach Justin!! I agree completely with you! A $300 bat won’t fix a $2 swing. A good hitter can use almost any bat and be productive! This is why I recommend your videos to others, you shoot straight and honest about whatever topic you are teaching on!!

heyitsmenatev says:

Life lessons

C Martin says:

You are right, best hitter in our league was swinging a $100 Rawlings 5150. The big hitters used his bat over their $300 bats. Good bat, the ping is loud though.

Marvin Heyboer says:

Lately you are “jumping the shark” with your… “Please click on me”, video titles. LoL

Warrior Gaming says:

Thanks coach my bat sucks

No Name says:

Nowadays I use my little league mako to fight intruders

Mikenzy Stetson says:

I’m In Little League Majors and I had to get a new bat so I got a Rawlings Quatro and I do super good with and I’m happy with it

3GM's says:

Great video! This is so true!

Ni32ck says:

I agree with you I’m the mike trout thing. Great video man keep it up. And I watch every single one of your videos.

Francisco G says:

I use a rawlings wood bat

jw2par says:

Love the videos. Could you do a video on the correct angles on running bases ? I looked thru all your videos and don’t see one .

miguel reyes says:

Good stuff! I’m always watching your videos with my 10 year old. Got him the cutch22 youth wood bat last year to get ready for the usa standard bats. This year I splurged on the rawlings quattro, he loves it and is doing well with it. Thanks for all the great content

cbnR images says:

keep up the good work Justin.

Andrew Baseball says:

Like yours vids! Your right it’s all about your preference. Great vid!

Coach Brian says:

I love the twist in this video. I respect your advice and glad you take this stance on equipment enhancers vs training. Kids listen to you and this is the path that coaches and parents should go down for the best success for their kids and to help our sport thrive.

Alexis Jones says:

Thanks for the info. Have any of your youth used The Bat Grip? http://www.thebatgrip.com It appears to help grip the bat with the correct “knuckles” grip. Focus is on youth.

gaelrockz says:

Oh so marucci cat 7 is the hottest bat rn, yes?

Eugene D says:

This is clickbait but I still love this site

TheUltimate Life says:

Thanks for the vid!!! One suggestion is that maybe you could say the best player with the cheapest bat or the worst player with the latest, most expensive bat. Can’t wait for your next video 🙂

Charles Hsieh says:

Excellent video!!!

RealStayFly says:

What brand bat are you swinging?

kapahi15 says:

Rawlings Quatro…..

Evoxse says:

I’m still wondering
I haven’t played baseball for a couple years and I’ve changed a lot I don’t know what hand i should use to catch & throw…
I can throw with my left but can’t catch with my right i can catch with my left I can’t throw with my right… what do i do?

Jay Vert says:

Thank you the tips man

Steelers Nation Production says:


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