2018 Wilson a2000 dp15. 2018 dp15 glove review. 2018 dp15 vs 2017

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Shane Bryant says:

His glove acually does have red superskin

5m views Tv says:

Hey stay hot

Chase Morley says:

Looks like a smaller outfielders glove

Jake Dolter says:

His real glove doesn’t have red super skin it has a brownish tan

Benjamin Chin says:

What’s The difference from pro stock leather vs pro stock select leather?

Michael Navidad says:

No the heel padding is not a mistake. I’m assuming and correct me if I’m wrong but I think that not everyone was a fan of the thin heel padding so they didn’t take it out. I messaged them asking if it was taken out and they said no.

Samuel Gerald says:

I got the 2018 TDFTHR. Doesn’t play as big as I thought, wish i went correa or dp15 =/

TheGoat YT says:

Btw, if you don’t like the padding in the heel, you can take it out

Teddy Wang says:

It’s also 11.75 in

Ian McManus says:

congrats on getting featured on wilson wensday

Reece Rowland says:

and the different web

baseballballer12 says:

I think there is no heel pad in it. The reason i say that is because i asked just ball gloves and wilson if they have he heel pad, and they said “it has no heel pad to make it a full dp15 glove.”

alec gbur says:

Hit a ton of different balls
And see witch one goes far there

2k Player says:

I got the USA a2000

Keenz is cool says:

Nice glove I got a pros12icb from rawlings for my birthday. Tell me if u like it

Ashley Otis says:

Do a glove collection

Georgia Gloves says:

I got the new datdude!!

Tperry Content says:

Glove collection

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