$300 Baseball Glove vs. $20 Baseball Glove! IRL Baseball Challenge

$300 Baseball Glove vs. $20 Baseball Glove! IRL Baseball Challenge

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roberto kruse25 says:


mat Volk says:

All he did was just plug his merch

The Battle boyz says:

Mighty goat the try hard

Zeffanie Mcclintock says:

He has my glove

PyRo Oxy says:

I’m an outfielder and I need a new glove is there a good glove for under $100 I’m in high school

nzonic says:

Get lost amphetamine addict piece of shit

Tripzacraw08-acraw0 8 says:

My dad has the 300$ bat

Gernilo Vallejera says:

It’s a win if you give me that 20 dollar gloves 🙂

Chase Hughes says:

Terrible video

FanTom CuT says:

Mighty goat won’t pin this

Julia Smith says:

Thank you for the video. ❤️

Pittsburgh Plays says:

You look like Kevin Pillar, but also a bit like Kris Bryant

Bradley Carver says:

Glove doesn’t make a player. Mariano Rivera used a piece of cardboard for a glove when he was younger. But a nice glove does help considering they don’t break as easy. Point in turn is ya get what ya pay for.

Connor Smith says:

I have a a200 1786 and i love it

Mark Schloss says:

Is not the glove, bat, batting gloves and all that stuff it’s the player

Ninjas Hyper says:

Hey my baseball teammate has the 20 dollar glove

MrStr8leg says:

This was a 12:40 long commercial for your T-shirts, but still enjoyable in a weird sort of way. How about doing a serious “Vs.” video with a vintage 70’s/80’s mitt? I ask because I have a Bobby Bonds Wilson A2140 I still use from when I was a kid 35 years ago. I think it would hold it’s own against these wildly expensive modern gloves for sure.

Nicolas Cano says:

Wild thing was awsome but when you did it it was perfected

Margaret Price says:

Might goat y do you have a fat glove?

ModernDestroy_YT says:

Lol i have the 20 glove i got cause i am a starter

Anthony Ceno says:

Awesome video, I can’t wait to buy my t-shirt, doofus

Monkey Gaming says:

When you played wild thing it blew out the speakers on my phone

Mighty won’t pin this either

Subaruuu12 says:

Hating on Nakona… Idiots.

Carter Rieben says:

The accuracy when glove flipping doesn’t come from the glove it comes from the player skill

Sarah Woolley says:

I think the wilson a2000 is AWSOME

Matt Doc Hi5boy says:

I bought a $100 glove on the all star team then the next day I broke my thumb

Boss Smith says:

I hate your vidios

luis anthony edd apurada says:

The 20 dollar glove it is good or not

ZINGY Plays says:

Mighty got won’t pin this

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