Baseball Glove Collection Video!


Cookie 10 says:

The tpx one

Bryce Mcdavid says:

How much you want for the tpx

Anthony F says:


Zigor Campos McGregor says:

I love your 44 white glove

Daniel Vasquez says:

Yeah it is reversed

caitlin mayer says:

where did you get the HDR

Matt Mashaal says:

Are any for sale for about 150 Canadian?

paulo delmendo says:

can i have one?

Nemesis_iStaticz says:

How much for the catcher glove

Joshua Hardy says:

Lht or rht

Gavin Marrero says:

@baseball glove central

NRB87 says:

How do you play 3rd as a lefty

Danny Quinn says:

You were a lefty catcher

Craw Stew says:

A2000 ot6 superskin for hoh

Chromebook Seven says:

do u play for the halifax mets

Alex Soto says:

How much for the Louisville TPX

Mo Gleichenhaus says:

Lefty power

Mcleod Sell says:

But you’re left handed, y did u play catcher and 3rd

WiLL Made-It says:

I have one like that already and would like another so

Logan Williams says:

Lefty glove

Monica Mitchell says:

What is that gold glove black catchers mitt is it righty or lefty

Daniel Vasquez says:

Is the video reversed

Nolan DeMott says:

I might get that glove but right handed

Gavin Marrero says:

How much for the gold glove catchers mitt ?

halfbreed rivera says:

I will trade you two Wilson’s and a Rawlings heart of the hide for both catchers mitts

Mystt143 says:

Dude idk wat ur coach is thinking left handers are not supposed to be catcher

amanda h says:

my favorite is the Rawlings gold glove 1st base mitt

Ethan Minjarez says:

Hey I’m interested in that tpx glove

Hunter Fair says:

Hay Man U still have that a2000 otif

Jackson’s Channel says:

Where did you get that outfield a2000

QuickLites says:

I would buy that catcher’s mitt from you but I’m righty. 🙁

Hudson Carlson says:

trade you Rawlings pro proffered for the catchars glove

Henru Not Henru says:

Why would you be third base when you a lefty

Zach Visser says:

r u a lefty or is the camera switched?

Jayden A says:

what glove do you want for the tpx

Krizly HQ says:

next time get your feet out the video

Logan Williams says:

I’ll trade u a Rawlings gg elite players pick and 20 dollars for the a2000

baseball2 says:

where did you get the dual core glove

Nate Bridgers says:

i like the 44 plus were did u get it

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