Complete glove buying guide! How to choose the right infield glove!

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Mason Ortega says:


Redbeast Gaming says:

i am a utility player and use a 11.25 every where in the infield exempt first

Layton Dieckmann says:

Do you think a mod trapeze would be shallow or deep


Have you ever bought any Nikona’s Baseball Gloves, They are the only Gloves that are still made all in the USA in Nilona Texas, Expensive, But the workmanship, Is well worth the Price of one of them etc.

Forsythez says:

Hey Benny, I was trying to customize my glove and I couldn’t see an option to choose an infielders glove, pitchers glove, and outfield glove. Do I add it to the special instructions or do you guys just change the glove depending on the size? Please let me know.

Christopher de Leon says:

My son loves baseball he want to be ss

Andrew #nerf Baker says:

There is also 3 in the pinky

Jaçob says:

Hey Benny, thinking of getting a 44 glove, quick question. Does a 574 play deep with an I web

Blurry_Face says:

Ok i play 3rd and have a closed web should i change

Beast Mode says:

Can u form my glove


Rawling use to make a Fastback Glove where it had an opening in the back of the glove to let your middle finger stick out of the glove One of my first Semi Pro Playing Glove was that Fastback Modek Rawlings Discontinued it some years ago, Shame I really liked that Model glove also etc.

Cayce Construction says:

Were can I get a glove mallet like the one I see you use, looks like a mini bat?

Connor Mettille says:

I actually go three in the pink cause I am a outfielder

Ray Lopez says:

Is there any giveaways coming soon? Im in need of one asap! Love your videos btw

Cal Gotlieb says:

Hello, I game a 1788 A2K, and I mainly play shortstop and sometimes second. I do sometimes play outfield or third, but not alot. Do you recommend me getting a bigger sized glove like a 11.75 or 12 for third and outfield that has a deeper pocket? Thanks

Ethan Hansen says:

Which is best for outfield

Andrew Ruiz says:

How big is that x laced single post ?


The so called the 6 Finger Web Glove, Or also called the Trap Web, , Was a favorite Glove used by the Great Short Stop of the St Louis Cardinals Ozzie Smith, I also love this style glove’s desighn Thanks for sharing great Video etc.

Dillon Baldwin says:

Do you think a wilson 1788 is too small for an adult 2b?

뚱차 says:

What kind of leather is it ?

hec feliciano says:

Hey Benny im close to pulling trigger on my first 44 glove but i need your help.. im torn btween the 11.5 or 11.75 i-web crown tip model.. But im 30 yrs old and play softball so is it possible you make a video with a softball in the glove so i can gauge which is best size to buy.. I preferably like a medium to deep pocket so im thinkn Crown tip best model for me!! Thanks man love your videos

3van Bailey says:

Should third base have a deep or shallow?

hec feliciano says:

Na i use baseball gloves i dont like the feel of softball gloves…

Lil Uzi Vert’s personal midget says:

So, I have looked into 44 Custom gloves because they look nice and are much more affordable than customizing an A2000 or A2K. For a third baseman, what would be the best size? I’m thinking 11 and 3/4

Gentry Bontrager says:

Do a Mazuno break in

Freddy Trejo says:

What is a good outfield deep glove ?

Samuel_910 __ says:

What web would be best for pitching and third

3van Bailey says:

You actually helped me out so much

Aidan Currin says:

Can you do an outfielders edition

Patrick Fletcher says:

Does 44 not have a youth series glove.

RichPick745 says:

Does anyone know when sky blue lace is coming back?

Justin Kincaid says:

lol you should dm me on Twitter at jvstkin

Cameron Yunos says:

Is an 11.75, 1787, 2 in the pinky, and i web a2000 ok for outfield?

hec feliciano says:

Thanks anyway i think im just gonna go 11.75 on the crown tip with an i-web

calvin lorance says:

what color is the first i web

ImPichy says:

Would a 11 1/4 H web glove work for 3rd base?

Benjamin Chin says:

Talk about the leathee

Michael Ruiz says:

if u play middle infield which finger do u want the thumb finger to close on for a glove?

MMANN503 PS4 says:

Can you do a review on the mesh

Israel Perez says:

Can the 574 model be used for softball? Just to play catch with my daughter, but I want something that will last and maybe she can use if she plays at high school level.

ImPichy says:

Whats a good size and web for 3rd base

Jeff randel says:

Benny will you be set up at USSSA world series at end of july? I’d like to bring my 10u team by the booth to look at gloves.

josh R3acts says:

Can you talk about Y webs please I bought a 44 12 inch jp11 with a Y web for 3rd base and outfield this is my second jp11 but I’m not too sure about the web because on my first jp11 I had a other web

Gesù Cristo says:

What is the shallowest 44 pattern

Sara Bernardo says:

how do you get sponsored?

Greg Sprehn says:

Rawlings is best by far

Aldin 17 says:

Is the trapeze web deep?

Freddy Trejo says:


Andrew Maldonado says:

I got my custom glove today

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