Custom Glove for $150! 44 Pro Signature Series Unboxing!

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Hubu Jubu34 says:

Nice Video, I’m hoping to get one of those too soon

Benny Miller says:

Custom web came out great

Nolan Monahan says:

That’s pretty sick man!

Jagwar X says:

I met Derek in person and nutted myself

Zach Zwicky says:

What is a type of glove that a 44 pro series would be similar too

Maxo Beats says:

44’s glove quality is top notch

Diego Dumlao says:

I wanted to get one of those

Agustin Saez says:

Nice Vid so what type of 44 gloves is it

Thomas Gutierrez says:

How do you put mesh

GeneralGoat __ says:

finally, looks sick man

Jonathan Davis says:

Once you break it in and get used to it you should compare pro proffered and 44 kip

PJ Saff TV says:

Awesome that glove is amazing

Gesù Cristo says:

Love from Italy

구본재 says:

Between rawlings 11.5 and 44 574 11.5, which one is bigger and lighter?

Lucas Porpiglia says:

Dosent want to show name on bag

Proceeds to show name on glove right after

Liam Carson says:

What size

Carter Schmidt says:

I would totally recommend these gloves. I have one and its great. The only problems i have with it is it came with some bubbles in the fingers of the glove. Thats not a big problem tho cause it really just an astatic issue. Everything else is great tho. I got the jp11 model. But, before you get it i recommend you do your own research on it. That way when you customize it you know what your getting into. Just trying to help.

Startron Galaxy says:

Love the glove and the vids!!! I make similar videos if you want to check em out. Keep up the good work!!!

JackTM says:

What grade are u in?

Lenny L says:

Why would anyone want mesh instead of kip leather? Mesh feels cheap and low quality and loses its form quicker than leather

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