How NOT to break in a glove.

like all my videos these are just my opinions so if you use these and they work thats fine I’m not telling you not to just telling the experiencs I’ve had with certain methods.




glove bro77 says:

please sell me your 44 pro mesh dm me please. @m.elliott77

Max Shultz says:

What color is the glove in the background? I am thinking about getting a first baseman’s mitt and I don’t know any colors. Any suggestions? (Preferably red/black). If you could share the glove builder link that would be fantastic.

JP12fan says:

Can you do an ambidextrous break in video?

• 4004 • says:

I am about to get a 44 pro glove and what insta i see two

WF.SANDLOT Baseball says:

That Hoodie is sweet

Gannon Morris says:

Been here since 500 subs keep putting out content

UnstoppableZayy says:

I rlly need advice I’m jus now getting into da glove game and my two first high quality gloves (Mizuno and Rawlings) are both pancaked bc I’m not good at breaking in gloves. I wuz gonna do the hot water method to restiffen em until I watched ur vid now Idk wut to do. Advice?

Kad says:

Do a review on tge 574

Prince_Sharif says:

@amirs.mad IG

Louie Zitofsky says:

Only Troy Tulowitzki can use a real broken in pancake glove

Kaden Waugh says:

I like your gloves in the background

Evan Cooper says:

How do we know if your not fake

Jay Bohner says:

we have scheels in illinois

Almightydan 17 says:

I don’t have a 200+ dollar glove i have a rawlings gg elite, i wanna break it in but i don’t want it to pancake, so im afraid on how to do it, i feel like if i break in the palm itll pancake

Andy Abreu says:

How do break in your glove? Traditional or 2 in the pinky?

Ethan Dubois says:

I want to get a 44 first base mitt but all my friends say that 44 leather is plastic feeling and doesn’t last. Can you do a video on the leather quality of 44 gloves?

Jqcob says:

Hey Benny, I was wondering in your opinion what is the best 44 glove for middle infield?

Daniel 443922 says:

Hey Benny I may be getting a 44 for my birthday, and I want to know what infield model glove has the deepest pocket

Andrew Bakken says:

I found myself whatching a 44 pro gloves video at 4:44

Baseball Gamer says:

I didn’t see your message b4 what glove model do you recommend for infield outfield pitching glove?

McKee Baseball says:

that glove is nice

Ethan Pulis says:

If someone sent you a glove would you break it in and send it back?

Manuel Chavira says:

The voice of reason

Nick Jones says:

Love the videos!!! Keep them coming

MySdddfdfdfdf says:

my glove is too floppy and sometimes when im taking fly balls the ball just falls out of my glove

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